Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

“It was a nightmare to find out that my father had to undergo a heart operation that was to be done only by specialists that were available in another part of India. I was in Delhi and the operation could be done only in Bengaluru”. This was the situation one person found himself in.

It is no longer a nightmare to transport patients from one end of the country or state to another since there has been a surge in the area of inter-facility medical transportation.

If ever you are in a similar situation, then there is no need for you to panic. Here are ways that can help you in facing this situation and finding the right help.
Here is what the person in the above example did

1) Book a non-emergency ambulance from his home to the airport.
2) Carry the right documents at the airport that has details of the patient and a certificate from the doctor referring the operation – that entails that the patient is not in any mortal danger and can fly to the required destination safely. In this case to Bangalore.
3) Once they arrived at Bengaluru, then had another ambulance booked that safely transported the patient from the airport to the facility where the operation was to be conducted.

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But if you are looking at this and wondering how to book an ambulance at the Bengaluru airport when you are at a different location?
The answer is simple. All you need to have is a smartphone and the VMEDO app.

What is this VMEDO app and how does it help?
The VMEDO app is medical transportation and healthcare app, whose main mission is to make the medical transportation accessible and affordable to the general masses.

Once you have the VMEDO app, all you need to do is to book a non-emergency ambulance at the click of a button. You can book the ambulance to arrive at Bengaluru at the present on the day and time you need it on and also the destination of the medical facility to transport the patient.



This also works, if you are at Bengaluru airport and you find that there is a need for you to book a non-emergency ambulance. A non-emergency ambulance is one that is used to transport patients who do not have an immediate risk of life impending on their medical conditions; in between facilities or towards facilities.

What else does VMEDO do?
– You can book an emergency ambulance also with the touch of a button.
– First aid tips in case you are the first responder to various instances that need immediate help.
– Health tips for everyone to maintain their health.
Blood donors near you can be found with the app.

Download the VMEDO app and be prepared in case you need to book ambulances at the touch of a button. The app is available for free on the Google Play store.
Remember every life counts.


VMEDO is a Healthcare Technology start-up focused on solving Emergency Healthcare and Medical transportation problem In India. Download VMEDO APP

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