How to Shift Elderly Parents Living in a Multistory Building?

With the advent of urbanization, there is an increase in the number of high rise buildings across India and there is a large population of people who prefer to reside in apartments that mushroom across the city. There is a question that comes to most of us living in these places: “ how to shift our elderly parents living in these multi-storeyed buildings?

Well, there are a lot of you, who are struggling to find an answer to this question in urban areas. We are faced with this situation when we need to take them to their regular checkups to the doctor or even there are emergency situations that occur.

With parents aging gracefully, they have ailments that need the doctor’s attention on a regular basis and their movement from large storeyed buildings are not a thing that is comfortable for those moving them or the parents who are moving as well. The problems are magnified if they are bedridden or have difficulty in movement. Even if one makes the difficult job of moving them from the house to the ground floor via lifts, then to we are faced with the challenge of moving them to the hospital with our own means of transport. This too gets rather cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Traveling in cars or autos is definitely not the way forward since it is an exercise that creates a lot of stress.

Is there a way to make this process more comfortable for all of them affected in these cases? 

yes, there is a solution that effectively caters to the movement of the elderly parents from high rise buildings. The answer to this is a non-emergency ambulance.


What is a non-emergency ambulance and how does it help?

A non-emergency is a basic ambulance that is used when there is a need to access the services of a medical facility but there is no immediate danger to the life of the person being transported.

  1. The non-emergency basic ambulance has facilities like the wheelchair and stretchers that can make the movement of the elderly parents become easy and hassle-free.

  2. There are trained and experienced medical paramedics that are present in the ambulance in case there are contingencies that occur while traveling.

  3. The ambulance offers a safe and secure mode of transport ensuring the least stress to the parents and also their kids and well-wishers.

 How does one get access to these ambulances? 

 VMEDO, a company with a mission to make emergency healthcare and transportation affordable and accessible has launched an application that makes the booking of an ambulance easy. One can book an ambulance at the touch of a button.

 Additionally, one can also book an emergency ambulance, search for blood donors, register as a blood donor, receive health tips, learn of first aid techniques that are needed in various situations and incidents with the app as well.

 Download the VMEDO application now on Google play store and be prepared in case you need transportation to medical facilities.

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