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Differences between Modular and Conventional OT

Modular and Conventional OTs are the most basic types of operation theatres across the world. Through this article, we’ll learn the differences between Modular and Conventional OT.

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Modular OTs are getting very popular in India as hospitals are shifting towards a more economically viable, safer, and cleaner Operation theatres.

Modular Operation theatres are operation theatres that are built with metal and glass ceiling and walls inside a hospital to provide optimum conditions for operating on a patient. These optimum conditions include effective lighting, anti-static flooring, laminar air flow and many more specific characteristics aiding to the operation.

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Modular Operation theatres in India

There is an array of different advantages for hospitals by choosing Modular OTs against Conventional Operation theatres mainly as said earlier, cost, safety and cleanliness playing a big part.

Modular Operation theatres also provide much more efficient space utilization option compared to Conventional OTs

Differences between Modular operation theatres and Conventional operation theatres.

Modular operation theatresConventional operation theatres
Uses a mixture of Fresh air and Recycled airUses 100% Fresh air
Each Modular OT has a different Air conditioning systemUses a central air conditioning system
Laminar Air flow systemFlow of air involves eddy currents
Anti-static flooring is an absolute requirementMay not have anti-static flooring
Energy efficient up to 60% by using Recycled airNot energy efficient
Designed using 3D softwares as per international and National standardsDesigned using simple 2D CAD Design
Temperature and humidity control is localized in each Modular OTDue to centralized AC system localized temperature control is quite difficuly
Constructed by a single team of professionals who understands the mechanics of Operation theatreConstructed by multiple vendors at the time of hospital construction, hence control becomes quite difficult
Contains standardized instrument and Equipment. Quality control is easyQuality control is quite difficult when multiple vendors are used.

Cost of Modular OT in India

Cost of Modular OT manufacturing depends on various factors like size, equipment, quality of equipment, Expertise of the team etc…

Usually the cost of effectively building a Modular OT falls between 4,00,000 to 10,00,000 INR in India.

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How to setup modular OT in  India?

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