Dr. Basavaraj Ujwal who Organizes free first aid and health camps to help people who suffer injuries and accidents on every weekend and holidays is our VMEDO Exceptional Samaritan.

Dr. Basavraj is from Bhalki of Bidar district in Karnataka. He has a medical degree and works as an administrator in a nursing college.

He organizes health camps near a famous temple in Bhalki where more than 2000 people visit every week. “Most of the people who visit are elders and they suffer from minor muscle pain to fever, when I saw that I knew I had to do something” says the Doctor.

He started this in 2004 and since last 16 years he’s been doing this successfully and has helped a lot of people for free. He says he gets a lot of help from the students, family and the temple administration whenever he organizes these health camps.

In an environment where you have to either pay premium amount or wait in line for 3 hours to get basic health check done. People like this standout and rekindle our hope in humanity. We believe that compassion gets stronger through practice, being human is not enough acting like one is also important.

We hope whoever comes in touch with these words start doing the god’s work as we call it, and help people in any way possible. For his unselfish and inspiring work we consider him as our VMEDO Exceptional Samaritan.


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