First aid certificate for ISO accreditation in India

ISO certification is an immediate requirement for all the companies because of the high standard practices and quality in the market that it can bring to your organization. keeping your workplace safe and sensitive to emergencies will improve the productivity of the operation. To ensure safety practices iso has a certification ISO 45001:2018 previously ISO:18001 which is also called OSHAS or OH&S certification.

To get this certification there are certain standards one needs to attain. One of the major policies in the OH&S Certification is the emergency preparedness of the organization. We at VMEDO believe that emergency response involves knowledge, tools, and connections. without either one of them, it becomes difficult to tackle accidents in the workplace.

For emergency preparedness, there are multiple wings such as fire safety, first aid training, etc .according to ISO you need to have a formal first aid organizational certificate which is compliant with OSHA guidelines to get ISO:45001 Certification.

What is first aid training for ISO certification?
With or without a formal OH&S management system, organizations have a moral and legal duty to protect workers from accidents and ill health. Accidents are inevitable, even with all the precautions one can take in an organization accidents are bound to happen. When it happens one needs to have the basic knowledge to tackle them, for this reason, ISO Standards include formal first aid training to all the members in an organization, especially those who work in dangerous situations

Why do we need First aid training for ISO certification?
It is a necessity if you want to achieve ISO: 45001 Certification, more than certification, it is a human skill your employees should have. When accidents happen a lot of resources including time and money will be lost which will be followed by a lawsuit. It becomes an easy transition once people know what to do when accidents happen. You can use it as a teambuilding activity as well.

What exactly does organizational first aid certification include?
The organizational first-aid certificate certifies that everyone in the organization is emergency preparedness and they have the tools to tackle the accidents when they happen.

You need to have a team which is called ERT or Emergency response team in your organization. This team will consist of at least 20 employees who have extensive knowledge of first aid and ready to tackle any medical emergencies, to certify an organization in first aid this is a necessity.
Tools may include basic first aid kits to AEDs based on the kind of organization.

What kind of first aid training do we need to get ISO certification?
Again, it depends on the kind of organization that you are, if you are an organization who works every day in a potentially dangerous situation or even occupations such as security guards, drivers and personal trainers require higher levels of training, preferably a two-day program where they learn how to be first responders. If you’re an organization where the danger is comparatively less you require at least a one day workshop which will improve the quality of your safety ecosystem.

Who can certify us as first responders?
Someone who has AHA certification and has the experience of training people in first aid can certify as first responders.

How do I get first aid training for ISO certification?
To get first aid certification anywhere in India for ISO accreditation you can contact VMEDO, we have trainers who have imparted the knowledge of first aid for thousands of people and has an experience of more than 20 years.

Till now we have trained over 5000 individuals and have conducted training programs in more than 200 organizations. If you want to get your organization certified as ISO 45001:2018 and gift the precious knowledge of first aid to your employees click the link below
First Aid Workshop –


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