Everyone has mobile phones these days and the applications have made sure that we are hooked to phone usage at all times of the day. Whether it is long phone calls to your friends or the chatting apps or browsing online for information; a lot of it happens at night when most of us find free time.

And then we tend to keep our phones within striking distances even while asleep. This habit that we have now taken as mainstream may not be doing you much good, it may be doing more harm than earlier thought of.

1)There are some Towering issues

Every phone needs to communicate with the network towers and constantly sends out Radio Frequency waves that are very powerful, this radiation is known to be dangerous, especially when the battery is low or the network is low too. This may lead to cancerous growth in various parts of your brain.

If the phones are near young kids, then the danger goes multifold, with the young kid having a more fragile skull structure that is more vulnerable to radiation-related problems.

2) Insomniac tendencies in the making

The background light of these phones causes the eyes to strain harder at night, this may not be good news for your sleep patterns. Although the late-night game or watching the television series may be entertainment for the tired mind, it affects the sleep cycle or the circadian cycle of the body leading to a general lack of sleep and sleepless moments until sleep finds does find its way.

This indirectly affects every aspect of the work, from being moody, fidgety and tired and having headaches. The body’s natural balance is gone off the charts.

3) Your motility may take a hit

Phone near you and in contact with the skin, especially in pockets may be affecting the natural sperm count in men, recent studies have shown that motility in men takes a huge hit when exposed to high levels of radiation. The mobile phone may, in the long run, affect the ability to father a child; beware.

4) I will get a phone call anytime

With the phone nearby, we are always tuning to the call that we are expecting or the beep- indicative of another message that may be coming in, this makes us more alert and anxious prior to sleeping and the sound sleep that we so richly deserve may not come our way. Also, this anxious behavior to check new messages can rub onto the next day and become a rather nasty habit that can lead to mobile phone addictions.

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What can be done to keep these risks at bay

  • It is best if we keep the phone in aeroplane mode if the alarm is causing you to keep your phone nearby although it is recommended that you keep at least three feet of distance between you and the phone.
  • Also, it is suggested to stop the usage of the phone at least two hours prior to sleep, so that you get a really good rest to your mind body and soul
  • Keep the mobile phones away from the physical contact from the body, so that we minimalize radiation that comes in contact with us.

Although we have reached a stage in life when most of us are in front of phones most of the while, it may be in our best interests to stop sleeping with your phone.

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