Is your sudden weight gain the topic of the town, are people observing your large belly and making fun of it; or are you observing a lack of energy in you because of a rapid increase in weight. Well, anything that happens in quick time is a recipe for disaster, but just take a second to introspect whether you may be triggering the gain in mass yourself.

Habits can be a very powerful way to help you gain weight and at times also lose them. So, check if these habits are something you follow too.

  • Early to bed and early to rise – Is not our cup of tea:

Contrary to the old saying of waking and sleeping early, if you are one of those night birds that don’t hit the bed fast enough; binge watch television series or play games long into the night, you may be disrupting your natural cycle of rhythms. Right from sleeping right to eating right.

Late night eating may lead to improper digestion and may lead to more and more fat accumulation in the body. Even if you don’t eat at night, waking up the next day, quite late may also disrupt your entire eating cycle. That is a recipe for weight gain.

  • Stressed out Life:

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone seems to be in a hurry, tensed to finish work on time, go home early, eat in fast foods and sleepless, work more. This takes a toll on the body, with binge eating taking place to sort out. Eating produces endorphins – the happy hormone. In times of stress, the body needs to calm down and tends to encourage this habit of eating at very regular intervals that may be causing these irregular bloating of your weight.

  • Too much or too Little Exercise

Are you eating and sleeping without much physical activity? If your schedule involves work that requires you to sit for a majority of the day sitting, then it is no surprise that you seem to be attracting the wrong attention with weight gain. But the contrary that your gym or work out regime is pushing you too much towards tiredness and fatigue then this may come across as a symptom in which the brain interprets this activity as stress and makes you gain a lot more weight.

One more reason that can add to this growing list of habits is binge eating or excessive eating with the notion that – “I am anyways working out, so this will counteract my eating”.

  • Medication may be increasing that waistline:

Some medical conditions are to be countered with the use of medicines that need to slow down the metabolic rate, this may be hampered with the absorption of fat, digestion of carbohydrates in your food intake. The intake of steroids is definitely not helping your cause if you are in the mood of reducing your weight.

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What needs to be done to prevent this from happening to you?

It is always recommended that you include at least some form of physical activity that you keep your body metabolism up and keep the body in prime fitness, but not too much to cause the body to burn out.

A more structured approach to eating, with limited and regulated eating habits, can definitely add brownie points in the hunt for maintaining one’s body weight. Consumption of high quantities of water can make things a lot better too, whilst it is recommended that you follow the doctor’s advice and find a medicinal intake that has little or no side-effect of increasing your waistline.

An increase in your body weight may be telling you something about your body that needs you to carefully consider. Sometimes these small steps taken into heed can prevent major health problems, but in case you do find yourself in a tough spot wherein you need emergency medical care, VMEDO can help you get there with their fleet of emergency transportation vehicles.


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