We are what we think. Our thoughts all though abstract, have an effect on us. This is true for all of us and is more important for women who are carrying their bundles of joy in the womb.

If you are an expecting mother, then please make sure that you are full of positive thoughts. Having positive thoughts can help your child in life even before its born.

The placenta connects the mother and the child, this chord is a two-way corridor that helps the young fetus with nourishment and much more. The emotions that the mother feels also gets transferred to the fetus. The placenta is very much a physical connection that connects the mother and the unborn child.

Growing up, you may have heard of the stories of Abhimanyu; learning to break the Chakravyuha in the battle of Kurukshetra, when he was still in the womb, this story may have a fabric of imagination to it but it not too far from it, since the placenta is a very physical and emotional connection that gets established during pregnancy itself.

Your thoughts can influence your kid even during pregnancy.

Happy thoughts have a way of making the kid stress free and grow healthy; the very same thoughts if negative can have an impact on the baby. Behavioral problems later on in childhood can very much be a possibility. The possibility of stillborn babies, premature babies is very much a possibility.

If you are pregnant and reading this,

1. Listen to some light music that can relax you and make you think of happy memories.

2. Eat healthily, the foods we eat can influence the happy hormone called endorphins. You, being happy is very much the best news for your baby.

3. Stay away from negative feelings; envy, jealousy, sadness, and regret. They have a tendency of trickling to your kids too.

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Pregnancy can be a challenge for the working woman, it is best to have a friend with whom you feel relaxed talking to in the workplace. It is best not to take too much work pressure too since a high blood pressure can lead to further complications.

It is best to stay positive, think happy thoughts during pregnancy; remember your young one is learning from you even in your womb.



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