Who doesn’t love Football? The Football fever is at an all-time high. Everyone is glued to their seats and Russia 2018 World cup is in full swing. Goals, Defenders, Ronaldo, Messi – everything is a frenzy in that ninety-minute game.

We also see, kids and young adults playing football, everywhere in the world, be it in their playgrounds or in gullies. And like in the main game, here to a lot of people do get injured and take falls while playing the game of football.

Playing the game of football requires a lot of strength, with running here and there, passing, dribbling and scoring the goals. The foot stands to take the award for most injuries as well as goals.

What is the first thing you need to do as a person helping with the First aid of a fallen player, suffering from Ankle twists, sprains and so on?

The usage of the RICE technique is highly recommended-

R – Rest :

Make sure that the activity of the game is stopped. Make sure that the person takes rest at one place and gathers his/her breath.

I – Ice :

Use Ice packs to help reduce the Inflammation; Ice packs act as natural relief providers by reducing the swelling in the areas where the pain shoots up.

C- Compression:

It is recommended to carry the compression bandage in the first aid kit, wrap it around the injured area and along with the ice pack.

E- Elevate :

The injured area needs to be elevated to reduce the blood flow and the inflammation in these areas.

If in case the injury is severe, it is recommended to call an Ambulance so that the patient could be transferred to a facility that can further the treatment after First aid.

Moreover, Since a lot of the time is used for running here and there, the chances of a fall and bleeding are very likely.


In times when we have such a situation, that is very common considering that kids/adults in economically growing countries play outdoors – It is recommended to take the following actions:

  • Make sure you clean the area of the affected area with clean cold water,
  • Stop bleeding by applying a slight pressure on the wound
  • Apply a soft bandage and elevate the affected area to prevent further loss of blood.
  • In case there is severe bleeding call a basic life support ambulance

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If you are in Bangalore, playing football and one of your friends does have a very bad sprain or ankle twist; severe bleeding, fatigue and fainting, heart attacks due to too much stress – that needs to be treated by a trained doctor, contact VMEDO to book an ambulance right away.

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