Having an event ambulance like the insurance you are taking against any situations which you did not account for. It’s not like we pray for these situations to happen but we do pray for an ambulance if something goes wrong and there’s no ambulance at the quickest reach. To book an event ambulance call 9343180000 or click the link below

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When we talk about events we see a huge responsibility on organizers who are accountable for diverse things which vary from a selection of the venue to contacting people with respective knowledge on the respective fields which is not easy and these responsibilities cannot be fulfilled with any usual person with no patience. They should be able to handle extreme pressure situations without losing their cool.

When an organizer is planning to witness a variety of people which include staff, corporate employees, media, participants and the list goes on.

For the success of the event, everything should be hassle-free and nothing comes with a risk which can be an emergency, be it for anyone present out there.

There shall be a need for proper medical assistance in the event of any unfortunate events/force majeure (an act of god). When you’re prepared for the worst then there’s nothing that might disappoint you.

Why should you have an event ambulance on the site?

There are many reasons for having an ambulance at the events some of them are

  • In case events are taking place in remote areas where the reach for hospitals consumes time.
  • Many people are walking around doing multiple things are being done, might even have a stampede which can’t be predicted
  • In summer due to the rise in temperatures, there are chances of fire anywhere at anytime
  • Concerts with loud music might even affect someone with heart problems
  • Events, where alcohol is served, shall be on the lookout for that one person who might get into the next levels of high and damage things around him or himself 

Advantages of having an event ambulance in the site 

  • Quick medical assistance for the unfortunate events 
  • Readily available service instead of getting an ambulance via call and unpredictable time of arrival in this country due to high traffic plays a vital role
  • Much less stress knowing an event ambulance is ready at the event for attending and doing the needful at the situations which might not be under control at times

Disadvantages of having an event ambulance on the site 

  • Practically none.

Yes, it’s common that we feel that there’s no need for an ambulance at events but once you make this decision there won’t be going back again.

Due to the unavailability of event ambulances at the site, there are so many events that were in trouble, and let’s not get into the detail because the pain and anger felt at the moment was unbearable and not a topic to talk about.

Event managers, organizers these days are super cautious and aware of such events and possibilities which might terrible go wrong while they are multi-tasking by managing everything around very well which makes them think on their toes and be alert 24/7 which is the most beautiful thing which should be admired. The quality where they consider the fact the safety of the people present there to make the event a remarkable one is too generous and kind.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment aims to assess, plan, manage, control, reduce, and eliminate any potential hazards that can be reasonably prevented by the presence of an event ambulance.

Other considerations 

Terrorist incidents, Acid attacks, Recreational drugs seeing the light in recent times all around the world need medical assistance as soon as possible.

Safety first!


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