“Thank you for teaching us first aid, this is very useful” was the common dialogue amongst the staff Of  SRS Travels and Logistics as we asked for the feedback regarding our workshop.

On December 30, 2019, we conducted our Basic workshop of First aid in SRS travels corporate office, Bangalore. The program started in the early morning around 9;30 just after a refreshing round of coffee provided by SRS staff.

Around 50 staff members including Drivers, Accountants and HRs took use of the program. Our workshop started with busting common myths about first aid such as snakebite and usage of sand for treating wounds. The importance and urgency to learn first aid and how it is one of the basic skills every human being should possess especially those who work in Travels and logistics were discussed.


Later on, they learned how to treat common wounds and fractures. We made sure they practiced how to treat and immobilize fractures which are common during road accidents.

CPR Program was very special as people laughed their hearts out when one of their drivers tried to wake up the little Anne a little too intensely. Every one of them practiced how to CPR and learned how important CPR, as the risk of heart disease is on its all-time high.

People were surprised as we told them the common yet deadly practices they do when attending a casualty after an accident .and how the recovery position plays an important role in case of head injuries.

This workshop proved to be an amazing team-building exercise for all the staff as they spent around 3 hours learning and practicing their life-saving skills. The whole room was livelier than ever and very enthusiastic throughout the workshop as people shared their personal stories and wanted us to continue even after the program.

Most of the staff were unaware of first-aid practices and had faced difficulties and helplessness in their lives .after this program we believe they have a better understanding of how first aid works and are equipped with necessary knowledge and tools to support a person in need immediately.

All of the staff who attended the program were provided with certificates that are compliant with OSHA guidelines and valid up to 2 years along with their organization. We are extremely grateful to SRS travels and their executive staff for providing us with an opportunity to conduct this program in their office and we welcome their efforts to make their workplace safe and sound.


VMEDO is on a mission to save lives by empowering people with knowledge, tools, and connections required during Medical emergency and we believe that it’s everyone’s absolute right to work in an environment which is safe and sensitive to hazards. We are proud to have partnered up with an organization such as SRS Travels and again we are ever grateful for choosing us.

If you’re looking out to make your organization safe and ISO certified we strive to provide the best possible first aid training for your staff. Just click the button below to get in contact with us.


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