Virat Kohli ! the name itself is enough to put us in awe. We have all seen him on the field, his mannerisms, his aggression, his passion has inspired us a whole lot more. The Run Machine Virat is also a brilliant fielder and makes sure he plays with the same intensity throughout the match. As a normal person, we are bowled over by his fitness mantra.

So what is Virat Kohli’s Fitness mantra?

We have all seen him belt fours and sixes at will, score freely and consistently across all formats of the game and against all oppositions,

Consistency is the Key:

Virat is very much consistent in his work out regime that helps him stay focused, build stamina and strength in the upper and lower body. He does so with cardio, power exercises and running. All that we see in the field is not a one day job, it is the effort of months of rigorous training that has led him to get to the present position today.

Diet plans:

Virat may have a favorite shot to get most of his runs, he is always hungry for more. His hunger for the game is unparalleled. What is also equally amazing is that Virat actually sticks to his diet plans. Virat has a very balanced yet lean diet with a lot of proteins taken in the form of salads and grilled chicken or at times with seafood. He supplements the same with a lot of green vegetables. In case he needs to add on to his bulk he includes a dosage of red meat along with his usual diet.

For a lot of us trying to emulate the man of the moment, the youth icon Virat Kohli’s fitness we also need to keep to a strict diet and an even stricter exercise regime.

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Here are a few more pointers that we should follow in our day to day lives to make sure we are fit and fine.

  • It is absolutely important to stay properly hydrated.
  • It is also imperative that we give sufficient rest to our body, ensure that your sleeping patterns are perfect.
  • Put a curb on the smoking and drinking habit.
  • It is also important to keep a structured approach to your diet and exercise plans, in the quest for a great body, one must not overexert the pressure and intensity- as this may lead to a variety of problems including the heart, back, and other vital organs.


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