How long has it been since you checked your weight? Do you know if you are at the right weight our weight?

Did you know that there is a chart that describes the average weight that is healthy for a person who weighs a particular weight called as the “body mass Index”?

Let us explore a bit of this Body Mass Index..

What is Body Mass Index?

Body mass index is a ratio of the weight of the person to the square of the height of a person.

Why is it used?

The BMI is a popular index used to estimate whether the person is underweight, overweight or normal weight. The BMI is not an exact number but normally a range of values that fall in the range of under 18.5 to over 30.

What do the values mean?

Values under 18.5 normally indicate the person is underweight.

Values from 18.5 to 23 are normally the normal range.

25 and above is considered overweight. While, 30 and above is considered obese.

What does this mean to you?

Once you know your weight, it is time to measure your weight and then use the VMEDO app to calculate the Body Mass Index for you and check the ratio that you get. Most medical practitioners these days use this ratio to get a general understanding of your body type and habits.

Any causes of concern?

The big cause of concern is when you find yourself in the range that is below 18, this means that you are either suffering from malnutrition or anorexia. These symptoms need to be addressed by taking your case to a doctor and following the instructions to help reach a more healthier BMI. These symptoms are medical conditions that can lead to complications that lead to bone problems, backaches and in fatigue in general.

If in case you fall under the overweight category then too it is still a cause of concern, since there is a high possibility that you may in the risk of contracting long-term illnesses such as diabetes and also a moderate risk of being susceptible to cardiovascular problems.

This is when you need to take action and stop problems even before they start.

Being overweight normally involves a large concentration of adipose or fat around the belly that can lead to larger stress on the heart and also may be contributing to your back ache and posture issues. It is time to take a walk, count the calories burnt and stay hydrated.

If you fall under the obese category, it is not the best place to be in the long run, since this amplifies the problems that you have when overweight. It brings to the equation the problems associated with stationery life and a lifestyle that is slowly sucking life out of you.

Also to be noted is that obesity may be something related to your mental health such as depression and eating disorders.

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What next?

The VMEDO app can help you get an instant check of your BMI, it also has health calculator features such as the water consumption reminder, calorie counter and other fitness features that make it a tailor-made app for you to keep your health in check.

Download the VMEDO app today and start your mission to a “Healthy you”


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