We have seen rabbits, small, fluffy and cute. Did you know that rabbit meat is very beneficial for health? Rabbit meat is considered to be a wonderful addition to your diet if you are a regular consumer of meat.

For most of us, meat is an excellent choice for protein and is included as a part of the staple diet in most homes. Chicken, mutton and other animal meat make for the majority of the meat consumed but there’s a rise in the popularity of rabbit meat amongst meat consumers. Here are some of the reasons that rabbit meat is ticking all the right boxes.

Low fat meat:

Rabbits are small and they have a very high percentage of flesh to the weight ratio making them a very good alternative for consumers and producers too. Rabbits are seen nibbling on carrots and moving around here and there, it is here that we can expect that a very low-fat meat since the naturally they are very active and who says no to low fat meat.

High protein percentage:

Rabbit meat has a very high content of protein. This lean protein makes it ideal to be had as a supplement on a diet if you are working out. This protein content is higher when in comparison with other meats such as steak and chicken.

High Iron content:

The rabbit meat has a high concentration of Iron and other minerals that are vitally essential for the body. This meat is best suited for protein and mineral intake of someone who is on a rigorous fitness routine.

Easy absorption of nutrients:

The white meat from the rabbits are lean and have many nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the stomach lining. Since the absorption is easier it is best suited for pregnant women to consume them. The omega 3 acids are found in high quantity and the omega 6 fatty acids are lower when compared to other meats making this a rather irresistible meat for the diet conscious eaters.

Improvement in Fertility and motility:

The rabbit meat contains certain minerals that improve fertility among women and increase the motility of the sperm among men.

Although rabbit meat is a very good source of nutrients, switching to a complete diet of only rabbit meat is not recommended since it can deprive the body of many essential fats. It is recommended to consume other supplements that can supply the body with an adequate amount of fat.

While a large number of people are breeding rabbits since they are more environmentally friendly, economically viable, these health benefits are adding to the tally of things that are making people add more rabbit meat to their diet.

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