First aid training in schools should be made mandatory. First aid training is very essential for school teachers since they are the best modes of communication. One good teacher can bring a nation full of changes.

A lot of us are unaware of the basic ideas of first aid, we tend to follow whichever step we feel is most logically correct without knowing its consequences. We still find that first aid for snake bites involves the uses of tourniquets but it is a practice that is not universally accepted as first aid. It may do more harm than help.

Where is First aid required in schools?

A lot of students are highly phobic of exams and do not come to the exams with something to eat beforehand, the only assembly lines see so many of them fainting each day, the sports time is always a time when falling, bleeding and scratches are almost mandatory. It does seem to be small but there is a possibility of fractures, anaphylactic shock after consuming something that they are allergic to.

In an environment of the school, there are many things that are happening simultaneously, classes, physical education time, sports activity, lunch and so on. Each of these activities can give rise to accidents and the question remains…

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Are the teachers in a place where they can come to the aid of children or themselves in the case of an emergency?

In the current scenario of education, there are a lot of schools that are imbibing this culture of making their teachers enabled with the timely gift of first aid training. If you as a school need to educate your teachers with first aid training, then contact VMEDO for certified first aid training programs for teachers.

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Here is a list of reasons, why school teachers need to undergo first aid training?

  • Teachers make for ideal change makers since they can imbibe the culture of empathy, help kids be good citizens, good samaritans and make sure that the next generation of kids are brought up in a way that can save many lives. In India, a lot of lives get lost due to unavailability of first aid, lack of knowledge on first aid and wrong ideas set in mind by someone who does not know the ways of medicine.
  • Educate a woman you empower a family – educate a teacher you empower a nation:

Teachers can cascade the same information and enable thousands of kids in their tenure as teachers.

  • Teachers are prepared for contingencies at school

As teachers, they come prepared for class and teach the kids about the world. But in case there are emergencies, bleeding, cuts, fractures – then the teachers are in a place to be perfect, well-trained first responders that can make the kids stay calm, make sure that the kids do not further aggravate the injury and stabilize the patient before the ambulance gets there. This precious work can save a lot of time and maybe even save the lives of people when in danger.

VMEDO’s first aid training conducted by well-trained professionals who have been in the field of first aid administration and training for many years is ideal for school teachers. The sessions are fun, engaging and informative with videos, live demos, experience sharing and much more. The training can be conducted at the school or at the VMEDO premises and the teachers are enabled with information on CPR, first aid for snake bites, dog bites and many more medical conditions that can occur at the school premises.

VMEDO’s has been on a mission to make sure that healthcare and medical transportation is made affordable and accessible to all people. Their app available on the Google play store can be downloaded to get information on first aid, nearest hospitals, booking of an ambulance and general health care tips too.


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