Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Imagine for once that you meet with an accident and are severely injured, your brain has taken a hit, your hips are damaged, your leg needs to be operated upon. Saved by, Good Samaritans and taken to the nearest hospital, you have survived. But still your fate hangs in the balance in the Intensive care unit and another hospital in another location offers a more specialized treatment to your needs, what would you or your loved ones do? Risk the fragile safety of the already struggling condition or wait until things get better here but still run the risk of further complications?

These times are tough for the patient as well as the family members; The love for your own kith and kin and their safety is paramount but there are fear, trauma and emotional distress hanging above their heads constantly.
Such a situation did happen to a lady in Shimoga and she was rushed to a reputed hospital by good Samaritans but it was later decided by her family members that it was better to move her to another hospital in Bangalore where she could get more specialized treatment.

A request to aid in this interfacility transfer of a patient came through to VMEDO that specializes in the long-distance transportation of patients. Within a few minutes, the ambulance triage team of VMEDO arranged for an advanced life support ambulance that comes equipped with all the equipment necessary for the well-being of a patient with critical brain injuries.

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In an ordeal that lasted over 16 hours, VMEDO triage contacted two specialized and experienced doctors along with a paramedic, got them on board and rushed to Shimoga in the ICU ambulance to help bring that patient to Bangalore. With all the facilities and the expertise of doctors to cater to any situations that may arise during travel, the emotions and the apprehension of the patient and all the near and dear ones can be put at ease.
When time is of the essence these trained and specialized units for emergency medical transportation come as angels to the patients so that they can be moved to other specialized hospitals that are quite far from the present location.

This particular lady who happened to survive a road accident with severe head injuries was safely brought to Bangalore without any further complications.

VMEDO handles many such incidents on a daily basis and comes to the aid of many such people that are apprehensive and scared of moving their loved ones to another facility, VMEDO’s triage team helps get you trained doctors and nurses and the right ambulance with all the facilities equipped so that you can take that leap of faith in volatile and tense moments by transporting your loved ones to another facility.


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