Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

We often hear the elderly speaking very enthusiastically about the life that they lead once. Young, strong and capable of moving mountains; yet as time goes on we need to pitch in and make their lives easier. Be it for Routine checkups to the doctor or the transportation from their home to another hospital to treat their ailments we need to consider a safe way of bringing them from Point A to Point B. Their fragile bodies and fragile minds need to be at a place of comfort and without Unrest.

They may be bedridden or suffering from a range of health ailments such as Parkinson/ Bed sores or fractured bones that may hinder their free-flowing self to move around but are medically stable to be moved. It certainly is not safe to transport them ourselves in our own vehicles over the short or long distance since we may end up aggravating the pain instead of reducing it.

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Elderly transportation needs its own preparations, ranging from safety and comfort to anxiety and stress of the seniors being transported.
We need to look into
The need for medicines whilst traveling
The need for wheelchairs or beds that are comfortable
The need for emergency life support.
The need for trained paramedics on standby.
It is always better to have specialists take over when it comes to the safety and comfort of our elderly.

VMEDO assists in long-distance transportation of elders via their patient transportation services with non-emergency or patient transportation Ambulance vehicles that are equipped with basic monitoring systems, wheelchairs, stretchers, experienced medical staff that assist in the transportation and a trained driver that can handle all the difficulties of the road whilst the patient takes rest within the confines of the ambulance.

The safety and well-being of the elderly are well taken care of with comfortable seating arrangements, stretcher support, availability of oxygen supply, trained paramedics that come to the aid of the person that is availing the use of the patient transportation services.
These transportation services come in handy when we are in need of transporting the patients from our homes to the hospital or vice versa or to diagnostic centers for the checkup or in between facilities.

When It comes to long-distance transportation of the elderly choose an ambulance vehicle that is specifically equipped for it to make it a hassle-free experience for your elderly, because they deserve all the comfort they need.

You can call VMEDO for elderly transport services 093431 80000


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