Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
wheelchair taxi

We are a growing economy, every day so many vehicles get added to our roads and the transportation industry is growing in leaps and bounds but we still have a long way to climb to make India a safer and more convenient for its specially-abled and people who use the wheelchair, India is in need of Wheelchair Taxis.

Are you amongst those who are undergoing post-operative care after a fracture and continually face the daunting task of calling friends and family over to just to help you go from your house to the clinic and help you get physiotherapy?

Do you know someone who always loses out on social events and gatherings because they are unable to find a suitable mode of transportation that takes into consideration their needs of using a wheelchair to get around?

Or are you considering moving your elderly parents or grandparents to your home so that you can take care of them but are in different cities and have no idea – how to manage long-distance transportation for elders

Breathe easy; VMEDO Wheelchair Taxi is here for you! 

The hospital visits to get your physiotherapy done is going to be safer, comfortable and hassle-free;    That visit planned to visit friends and family and other gatherings is no longer a dream for the specially abled; elderly transportation is again made stress free.

VMEDO is partnering with various entities to help bring you to get access to safer and more affordable wheelchair taxis that you can avail to move from place to place. Wheelchair cabs that are specifically designed to assist you in making a comfortable journey at affordable prices instead of waiting and deliberating with many just to reach your destination.

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VMEDO also helps you with the long-distance transport of senior citizens with their wheelchair ambulance services that come wheelchairs, stretchers and trained paramedics to aid you in making the trip a hassle-free one.

The taxi for wheelchair users is all set to add a lot more smiles to people who are in need of a medical transportation that is specific to their needs!

Book Wheelchair Taxi at best price across India by dialing VMEDO Helpline 9343-180000


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