Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
Firs aid app

Things can change in an instant, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death.

Are you the first responder when an accident has occurred or are you there with someone who has had a sudden injury and needs medical attention.

You are a being a Good Samaritan and have called the ambulance to transport the patient to the hospital, but what you do in the interim is also very crucial. First aid can help preserve life and prevent further injuries from happening to the patient.

Do you know what to do, when someone is suffering from excessive bleeding or has broken a few bones after a terrible fall or your best friend has had an attack of allergies?

In case you do not know any of these, do not panic!

 VMEDO has developed a First aid app that can help you perform first aid to the patient under duress even though you may not be trained in first aid. It can be your savior in case you need to perform first aid, with an audio enabled instruction set to guide you keep the patient stable before help arrives.

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 The app is the perfect partner to have in case you encounter a situation wherein you do not know how to respond with instructions to perform first aid in times of allergies, bleeding, heart attacks and shock.


In case of excessive bleeding;

  1. Remember to be calm, your sense of calm also keeps the patient stable,
  2. Cover the injury with a clean pad and control the loss of blood and apply firm pressure on the bleeding until it ceases
  3. raise the injured area above the heart level to prevent loss of blood.
  4. Loosen any tight or restrictive clothing.

VMEDO First aid app is available for free on the Google Play store. The app offers you helpful instructions even if you are not trained in first aid, thereby helping you to help the person in distress.

Be prepared for administering first aid, because you may never know when you can use it to save someone’s life.

Be Prepared, Download the VMEDO app now.

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VMEDO is a Healthcare Technology start-up focused on solving Emergency Healthcare and Medical transportation problem In India. Download VMEDO APP

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