Did you hear that the Nipah Virus has struck close to home in Kerala and resulted in many causalities? Are you asking yourself, what the Nipah Virus is all about?

Here are answers to all your questions that are floating in your mind.

Does it affect humans?

Yes, it does affect humans and the mortality rate is quite high. So, take care.

Where was the virus first identified?

The Nipah Virus was initially identified in Malaysia, with pig farmers and people who were in close contact with pigs after an outbreak of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and further investigation led to the conclusion that bats are the reservoir for this disease. Similar cases were also observed in Siliguri and Bangladesh with many humans also affected.

How does the virus get transmitted to humans?

The disease is most likely to spread to humans via direct contact with infected bats or infected pigs and also even human to human transmission, for example, infected patient to the caregiver.

  • Consuming fruits that are bitten by these bats can also lead to infection.
  • Drinking toddy or raw palm sap of palms exposed to bat excrement too can lead to the virus infecting you.

What are the symptoms that indicate infection from the Nipah Virus?

The symptoms of the same include high fever and headache, confusion and sometimes seizures. It may sometimes lead to coma.

It may take 5-14 days for these symptoms to take effect after infection, the disease causes an inflammation of the brain leading to these symptoms.


Currently, no treatment exists except supportive care. The early treatment and prevention of the disease and its side effects is the only available options till now.

Do’s and Dont’s :

  • Be careful while consuming fruits, check if they have been previously bitten by birds or animals. Do not consume them.
  • As much as possible avoid getting in contact with the infected person.
  • Do not consume toddy or raw palm sap as they may be infected with the virus.
  • Avoid long exposure to pigs.

We hope that you are safe and remain that way by following all of these precautions and getting to know the symptoms associated with them.

Stay safe and stay away from the Nipah Virus.

Nipah virus infographics

Nipah Virus  Infographics from VMEDO

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