A premature baby being delivered today has a better chance of successfully navigating the dangers of its initial days because there are advancements in technology with the development of Neonatal ICU or the NICU in most hospitals today but what of their interfacility transportation?

With a lot of deliveries in India still being carried out at home, premature babies or babies with birth complications need access to immediate medical care. We have neonatal ambulances or baby incubator ambulance for such cases to ensure that premature babies that are critically ill or in need of medical support are given immediate medical care.

 Premature babies need more intensive care than normal babies since they may not be able to keep their bodies at constant temperature and have irregular breathing, unable to adjust to the new environment and do need similar conditions to that of the womb, this is done with the use of Incubators that provide enclosed and controlled conditions.

A couple that had not conceived for years finally did conceive but the baby was born premature and had severe birth complications that needed it to be transported to another facility urgently. So, they contacted VMEDO requesting for a neonatal ambulance to aid in the inter-transfer of a NICU baby and the arrangement for a baby incubator ambulance was made.


The neonatal ambulance is baby-friendly and comes equipped with the neonatal ventilators, the AMBU bag, and other specialized medical equipment. With an experienced doctor and trained paramedics being present during the NICU baby interfacility transportation, the team is ready to face any challenges that come its way.

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Infant mortality rates that are alarming, these neonatal ambulances are the key to help bring the rate down and the bring smiles on the faces of parents. VMEDO helped the couple breath a sigh of relief with a timely arrangement of a neonatal ambulance. The premature baby was given a fighting chance to survive and live another day.


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