In the third phase of the nationwide unlock (i.e. Unlock 3.0) that will come into effect on August 5, the government of India has considering implement few relaxations on. And fitness centers, gym reopening with a set of rules and safety precautions.

To deal with coronavirus pandemic, most of the people are confined to work out from the comfort of their home with the guidance of online fitness tutorials. But without the expert guidance of the gym instructions or fitness trainers, and also without the gymming equipment, its easy to get lost in the sea of information available online.

So, it’s quite normal that people are expecting to get back to the gym. But if the proper hygiene and safety rules are not being followed thoroughly, it will not be possible to run the gym or fitness center amid this sensitive situation.

While users shouldn’t wear a face mask while jogging and during a strenuous workout, as it causes a barrier in airflow and increases the heart rate that has solid negative effects on your body and you may experience dizziness and have a hard time catching breath.

But, while working out one should wear gym gloves and arm sweatbands. These will ensure that you will not pick up any bacteria or germs from the workout equipment. Plus it will prevent you from accidentally touching your face.

With this new normal situation, both the users and gym trainers and employees must have to follow a few rules and guidelines to keep themselves and others safe amid this pandemic.

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Rules for Gym Reopening
  • Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet to as far as possible.
  • Trainers and employees should wear face covers or masks within the premises, during yoga exercise when possible. If one has any difficulty in breathing during such exercise, then you can use a visor only.
  • Employees and trainers wash hands for at least 20 secs frequently. Provide access to soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer at various junctions points around the gym for clients.
  • Now centers should operate with reduced occupancy and capacity.
Prerequisite Checklist for Gym Reopening
  • Train employees to maintain all the safety actions.
  • Arrange valid gym membership cards for both employees and users. And make sure that one has to show or scan the membership card to get past the Gym entrance gates.
  • Arrange separate waiting lounge, break room, and service area to maintain physical distancing.
  • Ask users to bring and use their towels. Ensure no sharing of towels within the gym. In case, if the gym has to provide towels, then follow a few of these steps to handle the used towels;
  • Wear disposable hand gloves while handling used towels.
  • Use the warmest appropriate temperature setting for both the cleaning and drying process.
  • Do not shake the used towels.
  • Use disinfect and clean bins to hold used towels.
  • Once the cleaning process is done, remove the hand gloves and sanitize your hand.
  • To follow proper sanitization rules, constrain the gym hours.
  • Wipeout any hard surface, counters between the uses.
  • Implementation of comprehensive sanitation protocols, that includes sanitizing gymming equipment before and after every use.
  • Place cleaner, or spray cleaner and disposable disinfectant wipes and clean the frequently touched surface.
  • Wipeout any sweat from the equipment with spray disinfectant.
  • Thermal screening of employees and clients before entering the gym.
  • Consider contactless check-ins. Take online bookings to limit the size of users. The size of a batch depends on the size of the service room and the nature of the fitness activity. Make reservations, prepayments, and cancellations via electronic reservation systems to limit any kind of physical interactions.
  • Ensure to have maximum equipment to minimize the sharing or multiple-use at a time.
  • Ensure overnight deep cleaning of lockers.
  • Say no to foods and drinks. Only allow sealable water bottles inside gyms.
Guidance For Employees Amid Gym Reopening
  • Along with all the safety policies; few other guidelines must be followed;
  • Employees with any of the COVID-19 symptoms must be sent back to home.
  • Employees must wear face shields and hand gloves both indoor and gym premises.
  • To ensure social distancing one can mark the waiting lounge and service area with liquid chalk.
  • Ensure to have enough break time for employees for repeated handwashing throughout the service.

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Safety materials and equipment You’ll need for Gym Reopening.

  • Ensure your fitness center have enough sanitization materials, such as sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to staff and users.
  • Shifts and attendance of employees should be planned properly to ensure social distancing. And any staff who resides in containment zones should not attend the facility till they are denotified.
  • Ensure to have enough equipment at your place.
  • Implement touchless payment (pay without touching cash, or any card). But in case if you have to handle money, use hand sanitizer immediately after that.
  • The temperature setting of all air conditioners inside the service area should be maintained in the range of 24-30o And the relative humidity of the devices must be kept in the range of 40- 70%. Ensure the cross ventilation is adequate and the intake of fresh air should be as much as possible.

You’ll need Cumpolsory Facemasks, Facesheilds, Disinfectants, Disinfestation, Sanitizers, and much more. Gyms are a very easy place to get infected but with proper precautions and safety materials, you can ensure safety to your customers.

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