Hand Gloves are disposable gloves that are used to prevent cross-contamination between the wearer and/or the patient during medical procedures or examinations. They are made up of different kinds of polymers such as latex, polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber, and neoprene. Hand gloves are a crucial part of an infection control strategy.

In the amid of COVID-19 pandemic, the use of hand gloves has been considered as a part of a personal protecting kit.

How do Hand gloves help fight COVID-19?

Till now, according to research, mainly the COVID-19 spread from an infected person through his/her respiratory droplets. So the major chance to get affected by this virus is to from any contaminated surfaces. So, whenever you touch the surface where the virus may be on, and then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes then you have probably exposed yourself to the virus.

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How long this virus lives on a surface?

Well, research is still ongoing in every aspect of this virus, including how much time it can live on various surfaces;

Coronavirus Living time on Surfaces
Plastic · Food packaging

· Water bottles and milk containers

· Credit cards

· Light switches

· Computer keyboards and mouse

· ATM buttons

· Toys

 3-7 days
Metal · Stainless steel (door handles, metal handrails, keys, industrial equipment)

· Copper (coins, cookware, electrical wires)

3-7 days

4-5 days

Paper · Paper money

· Letters and stationery

· Tissues

· Paper towels

· Toilet paper

4 days.
Cardboard Any outer packaging 24 hours

So, you can’t touch anything these days without taking a layer of precautions. But just having gloves will not give you the ultimate protection or cut the infection spreading completely. This mainly happens when you unintentionally touch anything contaminated with the gloves on and then touch your eye, nose, face, or any other body part with the same gloves.

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Gloves are not a permanent replacement or alternatives of hand hygiene:

The best way to protect yourself and others from this deadly virus is to wash your hand through soap and water, or sanitizers for 20 sec regularly throughout the day. But when you out for any emergency to other public places, you may not be able to clean your hand properly. That’s the situation you need to wear gloves.

While wearing a hand glove, you have to take care of a few points; without those, your gloves will also spread the germs or virus in a similar way it can spread from bare hand. Do not touch frequently your phone, eye-glasses, purse, or wallet.

While you are stepping outside, wear gloves. But even if you are properly doing everything to avoid any kind of cross-contamination, you have to take care of removing or properly discarding them.

There are few right and wrong ways to remove your gloves, and if you are not following them you might end up undoing all the protective advantages.

Follow these steps when removing your gloves:

  • Grab the first glove at your wrist, without touching your skin, and pull away from your arm.
  • When you are peeling the glove downward, ensure that it folds inside out.
  • Now hold the peeled of the glove (inside out) with the finger of your second hand which is still gloved.
  • Next to remove the 2nd glove, just slide down your ungloved fingers into the palm and touch only the inside part of your gloved hand. Make sure not to touch the outside of the glove.
  • While peeling off, try to wrap up the second glove around the first glove.
  • Throw the gloves away.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly.

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Hand gloves manufacturers in India:

Some of the major companies or manufacturers are;

  • Safeshield India Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kanam Latex Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sara Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • RFB Latex Limited.
  • JIT & JIT Gloves.
  • Amigo Surgi-care Pvt. Ltd.
  • Amazing Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Amkay Products Pvt. Ltd.
How do I buy Hand Gloves in Bangalore and Karnataka?


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