Pulse Oximeters are playing a crucial role in minimizing the death rate of Covid-19 patients under home isolation. The Covid-19 patients often need oxygenation support, so this tool has become a necessity for the asymptomatic and mild symptom patients who are under home quarantine.

According to health guidelines for home quarantine, if the patient’s oxygen level reaches 90% or below, the patient needs to be hospitalized. Also, a drop in the blood oxygen level could be an early indication of the lungs being infected by Coronavirus.

Oximeters have become first aid kit for many households widely because this tool is non-invasive, low cost, easy to use, and effective at estimating low blood oxygen levels. As the Corona patients’ active cases are increasing day by day, everyone needs to be aware of every detail regarding the treatment of corona patients.

What are Pulse Oximeters?

An oximeter is a lightweight, small tool that is used to monitor the blood oxygen level in the body. This non-invasive device is attached painlessly at your fingertip and sends two wavelengths of light through your attached finger for measuring your pulse rate and oxygen level in the body.

The oximeter screen displays the estimated reading for oxygen level in your body and current pulse rate.

How to take care of Coronavirus patients at Home

The working mechanism:

The monitor displays two important readings: the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood which is recorded as the SpO2 level.

The normal readings are in the range of 100% to 95% and if the oximeter shows less than this range then the user should get medical assistance from a doctor. The oximeter is clipped to a user’s forefinger or one’s big toe or earlobe depending on the model.

After the user has clipped in, it takes 10 seconds generally to display a reading on the monitor.

Guidelines to understand the results displayed on Pulse Oximeters:

Normal oxygen level: when a pulse oximeter shows a reading for your blood oxygen level (spo2), typically between 95 and 100 percent, it is termed as normal oxygen level for healthy lungs. However, your doctor will let you know if it is normal for your health condition.

Below normal level: An oxygen level below 95 percent is considered below normal oxygen level. A below-normal blood oxygen level is called hypoxemia. Lower the value of oxygen level, more critical is the condition of the patient. This lowering of oxygen level may lead to complications in other body organs and tissues.

When you are a chronic lung disease patient, it is essential to know what is normal for you, especially in the time of COVID-19 pandemic where patients with lung diseases are more vulnerable to getting infected severely.

Why the oxygen level gets reduced?

There are some serious conditions, that do not allow your lungs to inhale enough oxygen from the atmosphere, and similarly, it blocks the exhalation of carbon-di-oxide.

  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • collapsed lung
  • Congenital heart defects
  • heart disease

In any of these disorders, your oxygen saturation level decreases and you may start feeling the symptoms of hypoxemia.

How accurate are Pulse Oximeters?

Reading indicates up to what percentage your blood is saturated, which is recorded as SpO2 level. Oximeters have a 2 percent error window. This means, most oximeters shows a reading of 2 percent over or 2% under actual saturation reading. In simple words, if your oximeter reads the value of 96%, then your correct reading will lie in between 94% to 98%.

IR Thermometers 

How does oximeter can help in fighting COVID-19 pandemic?

It plays a vital role in monitoring the oxygen levels of the patient. So, doctors can be quickly informed about the deteriorating condition of the patients. Even if you are in home quarantine, or feeling a little uneasy, you can check your oxygen level without going to a doctor.

Pulse Oximeters Price Range and Quality

The price of oximeter may vary with the brand names. In India, the price range between 800 INR to 4000 INR.

Accuracy of oximeter reading depends upon on some factors related to the machine (oximeter sensor, monitor, algorithms, and optical image stabilization)

Pulse Oximeters manufacturers in India

Some of the Indian brands selling oximeters are

  • AmbiTech
  • Oxysat
  • Home Medix
How do I buy Pulse Oximeters in Bangalore?


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