An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, we have all heard it sometime or the other. Sitting at one place is not good for you nor your back. It is time you took time off from your busy schedule and gave some for yourself. A bit of exercise to your body is just what is required. Going for a walk, Jogging, doing Yoga may or playing badminton is going to be the best thing that you are doing to enrich and lengthen your life.

We are all at a juncture in life when we are sitting at home, school, office and other places, either working or with our most favorite object in the world, the mobile phone which may be causing us sleepless nights and keeping us stationery.

The body is like a machine and at times it if not put to proper use, the parts may start to lose their way too. There is no better way to get back to fitness than starting to play badminton. It is easy to play at your doorstep with someone from your family; no complaints that there are no parks or that the gym is too costly.

There are a few more reasons that badminton may be beneficial for you

  • It gives an overall body workout: The arms, the legs, the shoulder, and even the tummy gets a real workout as you take time to serve, swirl and attack your opponent. If it is young kids you are playing around with, chances are that you are helping their muscles with hand-eye coordination improvements.
  • It gives you a rich supply of oxygen: Along with the workout that the body gets, the body also needs a steady and rising supply of oxygen to get energy for playing. This helps by making the lungs take in more oxygen and then send it to all parts of the body. This is a natural rejuvenation programme that can help you be more active and fresh.
  • A release of the Happy hormone: Playing with a competitive partner is a very healthy way since it involves in the release of the happy hormones Dopamine and serotonin that give a high or a boost to you everytime you score a winning shot or a get a tough competition from the other side. We all know that we always come back to the things that make us happy.

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Additionally, Badminton allows you to come clear of the influence of your phone for a few hours, connect with friends, family or get a new bunch of friends and network with them.

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