Workplace hazards: a term every working individual is aware of. But talk of its intensity, well, maybe not. So, let’s put things into perspective with numbers. As per the records of the International Labour Organisation, a staggering 2.3 million deaths take place every year owing to occupational accidents and workplace diseases. In 2017, India reported nearly 48000 fatalities from mishaps at the workplace.

Whether it is an office or a construction site, your team of employees is your firm’s asset, and losing them to an unprecedented tragedy isn’t just a loss of human life but a loss to your company as well. So how do you ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your employees? By providing them first aid and CPR training. When injured, adequate knowledge and training will help your employees to care for themselves and their colleagues without panicking. Here’s how first aid training will escalate employee safety:

First aid training will help diminish the casualty numbers

The obvious benefit, of course. It will not only help prevent deaths, now that employees are more aware of the hazards and safety measures, but will also prevent situations from aggravating. With a careful eye, they can now nip a crisis in the bud, thereby, guaranteeing the overall safe health of your organization.

It is Industry-specific, so your requirements are meted out

A first aid training at a construction site will not necessarily be the same inside a corporate office. Every industry has its requirements. An effective first aid program would ensure that your individual organizational needs are paid heed to while focusing on the risk management strategy.

Make it a cost-effective affair

So an employee gets injured at the site. Now, think about all added costs that follow: worker compensation, temporary or permanent replacement, and if you are unlucky enough, you might as well have to bear the brunt of legal fees. In short, you cannot afford an injured employee, be it in terms of time, money, resources, or your reputation. So, no matter how intimidating the initial cost of a first aid training may appear to be, consider it as a long-term investment for a smooth-performing industry.

Boost employee morale

The maths is simple: high employee morale equals high proficiency, low morale equals dissuading positive results. The last thing you would want is for your employees to feel demoralized and unsafe at their workplace with one unfortunate incident owing to a lack of essential first aid skills. Because safety comes first. And if your employees don’t feel safe, you will have to deal with a frequently altering workforce. Instead, create a safer work environment by training your employees in first aid and CPR, so that every employee becomes a health and safety manager himself.

With first responders in your team, it can create a difference between life and death when the emergency bell rings. Prepare your team well with a good first aid training program so that when push comes to shove, your team can confidently say, ‘Yes, we are prepared.’


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