Did you know that more than 50 % of your body mass is water?
Water is the universal solvent and keeps our body running in its full capacity at all times. With every action in the body dictated by the presence of water.

Some uses of Water in our body are :
● We need water to keep our body cells healthy – Lesser consumption of water can lead to dehydration. The body cells need water to maintain osmosis that dictates the total movement of energy, resources, and minerals to each cell of the body. If the water content is less this osmosis process gets destabilized and can have adverse effects.
● Water is also used as a cleansing agent in the body, the extra substances in the body are thrown away with water as the medium. The easiest example of this fact is that aspect of perspiration and also the passing of urine, where the excess water and other waste products are ejected out of the body.

● Water helps us in many more ways too, it helps in maintaining the Ph level of the stomach and helps reduce the concentration of the acids in the stomach that are important in the entire digestive process.

Water is the friend of every organ in the body. It is of utmost importance that you always keep yourself sufficiently hydrated so that your body can keep all the vital aspect of its functioning is kept working like clockwork. Our body is designed in such a manner that if one organ goes off track the entire body mechanism goes for a toss.

What is the optimum amount of water consumption ?

It is recommended by every medical practitioner to consume water at regular intervals to make sure that the body is sufficiently hydrated and the mandate is to consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. But our work and other conditions can make us so distracted that we lose focus of having to regularly consuming water.

How do I remember to consume water ?

This is very common across the IT sectors, with long sitting periods that can cause back aches can forget to take the daily dosage of this miracle called water. It is also important in certain medical conditions that mandate a very specific amount of consumption.

It is in these scenarios that VMEDO’s app comes in handy. Its application has various features that include the water reminder feature. The app helps you in keeping track of your water consumption throughout the day and remind you with a message to consume your water intake. This app is especially useful for patients who need to wait for a certain time after lunch or dinner to consume tablets, we can keep reminders to make sure that we do so, instead of relying on memory to help you out.
The app also comes with a feature that is in built to set targets for the entire day with regard to water consumption. This app is useful for athletes who are on a strict fitness regime to keep tabs on the consumption of water.

What are the other features that the VMEDO app offers?
– VMEDO app allows us to book emergency and nonemergency ambulances for medical transportation of patients, with just the click of a button.
– VMEDO app provides first aid tips for a wide range of accidents and medical conditions.
– With the VMEDO app one can register as a blood donor and help save lives.
– VMEDO also has features that enhance the overall healthcare aspect of the user with health tips, BMI calculator, Calorie counter, Activity counter.


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