Is it appropriate for a man to give CPR to an unconscious women?

“Miss Radha had a sudden cardiac arrest and she fell to the ground, unconscious. Her heart had stopped pumping blood and her survival hung in the balance. If someone could perform CPR, she could have survived. But all around her were grown men. There was no women in sight for CPR to be performed. But then one man stepped up and performed CPR, calling for an emergency ambulance in the interim. It saved her life. She was grateful for his timely help ”

Let us pose this question to you.
Would it be right for men to give this ailing woman CPR? Should a woman perform a CPR on a woman? Is it okay for women to perform CPR on men?

What is CPR?
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a life-saving emergency medical procedure that can help save the life of a person undergoing a cardiac arrest; wherein the heart is not able to pump blood and is unresponsive. The CPR procedure of having to do chest compressions and also to keep their airways open with external support aids in keeping the blood circulation going until emergency medical aid arrives.

Let us get back to this scenario :

The person under question has difficulty breathing, is unconscious and may most probably die if CPR is not administered.
The person, the random stranger – is having a cardiac arrest – i.e their heart beat rhythm has suddenly stopped and it needs to be started again through chest compressions and emergency breathing should be performed upon them.

Studies in the US have shown that there is a likelihood that women do not get administered CPR, since there is always the awkwardness of the unwanted touch and having to perform emergency breathing to the woman.

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What does the CPR need?
Rapid Chest compressions to get the blood flow going.
Mouth to mouth emergency breathing to keep the airways open.

Remember that the person is most likely dying, you have very little time to react. The person needs you at that moment as a savior.

We urge you to go ahead and perform CPR on the person, even if you are women performing CPR on a man, a man performing CPR on a woman. It can save their life, do not hold back thinking that this may be considered as inappropriate for people of the opposite sex to perform CPR on the other.

What to do when you see a random stranger get a cardiac arrest?
Go to them and check if they are still breathing, or if they are unconscious.
Call for an ambulance in the interim and explain to them that they immediately need for an emergency ambulance.
Perform CPR with rapid chest compression, followed by emergency breathing.

Providing CPR at the right time can be the difference in the lives of these people.

Do you know how to perform CPR?
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