Patient transportation by commercial flight in India

Patient transportation by Commercial Flight in India

Transporting a patient by commercial flight in India involves several considerations and arrangements to ensure their safety and comfort during the journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to transport a patient by commercial flight: If you need professional assistance and guidance for patient transportation by commercial flight in India  contact the VMEDO helpline:  9343180000


Step-by-step process to transport a patient by commercial flight 

1. Medical Assessment:

  • Before making any arrangements, ensure that the patient’s medical condition is stable and suitable for air travel. Consult with the patient’s healthcare provider to assess their fitness for flying.

2. Coordination with Airlines:

  • Contact the airline(s) you plan to use for the journey and inquire about their policies and procedures for transporting patients with medical needs. Some airlines have specific guidelines and may require medical clearance or documentation.

3. Medical Clearances:

  • Obtain necessary medical clearances and documentation from the patient’s healthcare provider, including a fit-to-fly certificate or medical escort clearance if applicable. These documents may need to be submitted to the airline in advance.

4. Medical team and equipment

  • Arrange for an expert medical team based on the patient’s condition along with all the required medical equipment, medications and supplies for the journey. Ensure that all medical items comply with airline regulations and security requirements. Ideally medical team should have a Doctor and Nurse experienced in critical care and air aviation.

5. Booking Tickets:

  • Purchase airline tickets for the patient, medical team and any accompanying individuals, such as family members. Consider factors like the patient’s medical needs, seating preferences, and the availability of medical services onboard.

6. Special Assistance Request:

  • Notify the airline of any special assistance requirements for the patient, such as wheelchair assistance, priority boarding, or extra legroom seating. Airlines typically offer assistance to passengers with medical needs upon request. you may request to fill MEDIF ( medical information form) to request special arrangements from some flight operators

7. Ground Transportation:

  • Arrange for ground transportation/ Ambulance service to and from the airports at both departure and arrival locations. Consider factors like wheelchair accessibility and the patient’s comfort during transit.

8. In-Flight Comfort and Care:

  • During the flight, ensure the patient remains comfortable and well-supported. Use pillows, blankets, and other aids to enhance comfort. Monitor the patient’s condition and provide any necessary medications or assistance.

9. Arrival and Disembarkation:

  • Upon arrival at the destination airport, coordinate with airline staff and ground personnel for assistance with disembarkation and baggage retrieval. Arrange for ground transportation to the final destination, whether it’s a hospital, home, or other healthcare facility.

10. Follow-Up Care:

  • After the flight, ensure the patient receives any necessary follow-up care or medical attention as recommended by their healthcare provider. Monitor their condition closely for any signs of discomfort or complications related to the journey. In case of follow-up nursing care at home or diagnostics at home requirements, you can contact VMEDO.

List of documents required to transport patient by flight in India

  1. Fit to Fly certificate 
  2. clearance certificate from the flight operator ( optional in some cases)
  3. MEDIF form
  4. Patient ID proff and Adress Proff
  5. Medical team contact details
  6. Flight ticket for patient and Medical team
  7. COVID-19 negative report from patient and passengers ( subjected to regulation )

Cost of transporting patient by commercial flight in India 

cost to transport patients by commercial flight will be around 1 lakh to 2 lakh. the price varies based on patient’s condition, distance of travel, ground ambulance coverage and other special requirements. To get the exact cost for your patient transportation by flight you can contact VMEDO Helpline: 9343180000

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ’s) on Patient Transportation by Flight 

Is it safe to transport a patient by commercial flight in India?

Yes, transporting a patient by commercial flight in India is generally safe, provided that the patient’s medical condition is stable and suitable for air travel. It’s essential to consult with the patient’s healthcare provider and follow necessary precautions.

What medical conditions may restrict a patient from flying?

Patients with certain medical conditions, such as unstable cardiac conditions, severe respiratory issues, or recent surgeries, may be restricted from flying. It’s crucial to consult with the patient’s healthcare provider to assess their fitness for air travel.

What is this “Fit to Fly” Certificate?

This certificate is the most important requirement here in the process. As the name indicates this certificate gives an indication that the patient is fit to fly in the aircraft and there are no side effects expected from this travel. This certificate is also called the MEDIF certificate.

Can patients travel alone or do they require a medical escort?

The need for a medical escort depends on the patient’s medical condition and mobility. Patients with significant medical needs or those who are unable to care for themselves may require a medical escort. It’s essential to consult with the patient’s healthcare provider and the airline to determine the need for a medical escort.

Patient with communicable disease is allowed to travel by flight? 

if the patient has been diagnosed with communicable diseases; they are not allowed to make the travel via air ambulance since their presence can endanger the other people in the plane.

How to transport a patient when Medical clearance is not obtained? 

Its common not to get Medical clearance from the flight operator considering the safety of patients and co-passengers. In those cases, you must try with other flight operators or consider transporting a patient by Road Ambulance, Train Ambulance or  hiring a private Air Ambulance

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