Emergencies can happen to anyone, any time, and anywhere. This could be in your home, workplace or on the road. In a recent survey, it is revealed that 27% annual deaths occur alone due to the non-availability of emergency first aid within the “Golden Hour” i.e., the first hour of the emergency & these victims can be saved if they get proper medical aid.

In such a situation it’s important to know the first aid & becoming first responders play a vital role in providing the necessary help and first aid that could save someone’s life.

The role of the first responders plays an important role in an unexpected emergency. For example, when a cardiac arrest occurs, vigorous CPR needs to be done immediately to stabilize the patient. This can be done by the one who knows “First Aid”. First responders can also help in much serious illness that includes Heart attack, choking, accident emergency and many more.

Who are First Responders?

First responders are medical personnel like First Aid providers, volunteers, doctors, nurses, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and paramedics who are the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. First responders help stabilize patients in critical conditions until more help arrives and help manage non critical emergencies.


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Role Played by Emergency First Responders

Emergency First Responder provides medical care till the time medical personnel arrives to the emergency spot. Here are few roles of an Emergency First Responder.

They can help in bringing an unconscious patient into the normal recovery position.

They can carry out life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR for heart attack, drowning n many more.

They can perform First Aid for different kind of emergencies mainly to avoid worsening of the condition and do whatever possible to promote recovery.

Qualities of an Emergency First Responder

Any emergency first responder (EFR) needs to have several qualities to be able to manage such a critical situation. Such qualities would include:

They should have basic knowledge about “stress response & management”.

Emergency responders should know the medical & legal principles which are to be followed during a medical emergency.

As we can clearly see the first responder’s role in saving lives is of paramount importance during an emergency. That’s why it is very important to learn basic first aid that helps in saving lives.

In recent years, many private organizations have come forwarded to support first aid training mainly to educate people, to make emergency prepared, to deal with situation & people better during emergencies.

VMEDO is a complete emergency medical services platform and mobile application which connects you to the nearest available first responder — like an ambulance, a doctor, hospital, nurse, EMT or paramedic during emergency situations.

VMEDO is working towards building the world’s largest first responder network, making it easy for everyone to get timely medical access from the nearest first responder. As a part of its initiation, it is also proving First Aid Training for the individuals who are interested in learning life-saving First Aid Skills which helps in becoming emergency first responders.

But many times First Responders hesitate to provide emergency assistance just because of legal actions & harassment at the hands of police and hospital authorities.

But Now in India, helping or assisting an accident emergency victim will earn you a Good Samaritan badge of honor to protect the First responder from harassment which also provides the certificate of appreciation. So From Now on, let’s take a pledge to assist the person in accident & let’s save the life.

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