Have you been on a diet recently? Have you been wondering how to keep count of the calories burnt ? have you been looking for an app that lets you record your calorie burnt count each day keeping a count of all the activities that you have done?

Guess you are in luck with the VMEDO app. VMEDO’s mission to provide easy access to health care that is affordable and medical transportation made available at the touch of a button has led them to develop an app that does this and much more. This application is available on google play store and can be downloaded into all smartphones.

Why do we need a calorie counter?

  • We perform a lot of activities over the course of the day that helps us burn our calories. Be it walking slow, brisk walk or the early morning jog or the sprint to catch the office bus when you are running late.
  • We can approximate how much calories have been burnt per task but it needs to be recorded so that we can have an estimate over a few days and weeks regarding the progress of our venture.
  • The app gives us a happiness boost to know that we have completed our task and it also helps in making a goal and running behind it to make it a profitable venture.
  • We normally have apps that can calculate the energy consumption for one exercise but on the whole, we miss out on the other activities that we perform over the course of the day.

What does the VMEDO app’s calorie counter do?

  • Calculates the calories burnt with Yoga exercises.
  • Record the calories burnt with swimming.
  • Keeps a track of the calories burnt together and also gives us an option to set the target for the day and this helps us to push ourselves and also stop ourselves from pushing too hard.
  • This app helps us set up a routine daily so that we can ingrain this habit of exercising each day.

What else does the VMEDO app do?

  • VMEDO app helps us in booking emergency or the ICU ambulances.
  • VMEDO app helps us in the booking of nonemergency ambulances for interfacility transportation and for transportation of bed-ridden and old aged patients from city to city for medical treatment.
  • Provides first aid tips for various medical ailments and conditions. VMEDO as an entity also conducts awareness sessions on the good samaritan law, first aid awareness and also conducts certified first aid training for school teachers, corporates and interested individuals.
  • It also has other healthcare features such as body mass index calculator, water consumption reminder and other useful tips that can make life a lot better in terms of living healthily.

Fascinating, is it not?

To have an application that all this at one place. It is a treasury of information and also an ambulance booker that can be handy and kept inside your pockets. Download the VMEDO app on play store and get access to all of these features at the touch of a button.


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