Too much of something is too bad, whether is it a crash diet, drinking or smoking. Anything that goes beyond a certain limit is bad for you. Our daily diet is giving us not a lot of options, fast foods and junk foods are the trending foods of the day and every junk food on your list gives you a sense of happiness when consumed. That is because it contains a lot of sugar in them that make you want to eat more.

Is Sugar alien to our body?
Sugar is a wonder drug. It is an energy boost that is needed for the body, the body needs sugar that it uses to get its energy. Sugar is regulated in the body via insulin and sugar is consumed via fruits, vegetables and mainly through carbohydrates. The sugar that we consume daily comes is various forms that are naturally available in nature.

A large population of elderly Indians are diabetic, a larger population of healthy youngsters too are also now heading there thanks to a limitless consumption of sugar in the diet. Too much of sugar is dangerous to our body.

Here is the reason why.
Sugar consumption gives you a happy rush:
You may have often heard of the sugar rush. It is a feeling of happiness or high felt after a large consumption of sugar. Sugar triggers the happy hormone dopamine to be released upon its consumption. This is best seen after eating a chocolate and we all know that eating one chocolate makes us want to eat some more. Sugar consumption may not have to be the sugar consumption directly, it can happen through various sources such as packaged foods or junk foods as we like to call them.

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You don’t know when to stop eating:
Once you start consuming sugar, you seem to get into a world where everything goes off in slow motion, you start to relax. The sugar causes so much of activity in your brain and clogs the part of the brain that is responsible to tell you that your stomach is full. We keep on consuming needless amounts of sugar that comes with its plethora of health problems. This binge eating or drinking cold beverages can make you put on weight with ease, since the body stores the excess sugar that comes to the body or eliminates them through urine.

Sugar is not good for your teeth:
Sugar attracts attention and it gets the attention of many microbes in your teeth. Just after consumption of a sugary delight. Your teeth is fresh with sugar, the microbes shall feast on them causing teeth decay and other complications.

Diabetes is always looming:
When the body is unable to process the sugar in the body, it either stays in the blood as blood sugar, get eliminated via urine or gets stored as fat. Too much of these then we are talking of Diabetes, obesity, heart problems, kidney damage, liver complications… The list is endless. Consumption of sugar does not necessarily mean one get diabetes but it too much of sugar can bring diabetes to you earlier than its time.

It is best to cut down of food items that have added sugars, stop binge eating and stick to a junk free diet that can help your body stay in a natural rhythm for a longer time. This longevity can be achieved by consuming an adequate amount of sugar to the body and making sure one gets to exercise and stay hydrated.

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