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Medical emergency preparedness at workplace

If someone in your office had a cardiac arrest and their heart stopped breathing, can you even imagine the situation? The helplessness, the fear it’s unbearable. We are not trying to scare you but trying to give you a real situation that can happen to anyone.

Medical emergencies are inevitable, they can happen to anyone at any time, it doesn’t matter if the person already has some underlying condition or perfectly healthy. This means there is no real way to ensure that you’re safe. The only way anyone has for these emergencies is to be prepared for it.

Now, as an individual everyone preparing for an emergency is and should be a priority. In the same way, organizations should also help their employees and keep their environment safe. Let’s look at the complete scenario of emergency preparedness for organizations.

Why medical emergency preparedness should be a priority in an organization?

Before going to see how to keep your organization emergency prepared let’s see why

  • Everyone deserves to be in an environment that is safe and sensitive to emergency

Your employees are your organization, every great company is built on its employees’ sweat and hard work. The minimum thing the authority can do is give them an environment where they don’t have to work in any sort of fear of medical emergencies.

  • Factories are a cradle of medical emergencies

Factories are a place where emergencies can be fatal. Whenever there are moving sharp objects and metal works are present you should have the least sense to make that place emergency prepared.

  • It must be the best way to increase your employee satisfaction

What is the primary thing people worry about whenever they leave their comfort zone? Safety. Safety is all that matters to human beings more than money, sometimes even food. By creating and communicating the emergency guidelines and provisions in your environment. You’ll easily win over your employees

  • It helps in teambuilding

Emergency preparedness, that too medical emergency preparedness involves a lot of learning and fun activities. It’s far better than any outing that ever happened in any corporate because you’ll not be only helping them be safe in your company but you are helping them learn lifesaving skills that can be used everywhere.

You need to have a medical emergency preparedness certificate to pass ISO safety certification, we all know how important quality and safety certifications are in the competitive market.

What does Medical emergency preparedness include?

Emergencies can be resolved by understanding and having 3 different factors. They are Knowledge, tools, and connections.

What is the knowledge we require to tackle emergencies?

Knowledge is an important factor that will prepare you to act during tough times. Without knowing what kinds of emergencies we might encounter and what to do in those times, we can’t tackle them.

These are some of the learning aspects one should know during emergencies

  1. First aid training
  2. Fire safety programs
  3. Pediatric first aid
  4. Health camps and talks

What are the tools required?

We require various tools during emergencies which will reduce the impact of the situation, and they also come in handy during treating the casualty.

  1. First aid kit, wheelchair, and other response equipment
  2. on siteAmbulance
  3. Emergency control room and clinic on site

What are the connections required during emergencies?

Having quick connections during emergencies is essential, these are some of the people you should have connections with to deal with emergencies

  1. Ambulance on call
  2. Hospital admissions
  3. Doctor on call

We believe with these three things in place we can work with the organization to keep its Workplace emergency prepared and provide effective Emergency response on demand.



How to make your organization emergency prepared?

Here’s the step by step guide to making your workplace emergency prepared

  • Audit your workplace

Survey the organization and learn how much your employees know about medical emergencies. Learn what kind of provisions and connections you have for dealing with medical emergencies.

  • Understand where you lack.

Check with industry experts, understand where you lack if you’re running a factory where people have to work with machine tools every day you require a different set of emergency tools and knowledge than an organization that handles IT services.

  • Start with knowledge

After introspecting, arrange workshops to build knowledge, the extent of knowledge required is something you should know after understanding your requirements. For example, if you’re in a huge factory that works with molten metal you’ll require extensive knowledge than someone who works in an office.

  • Build infrastructure

We prefer you have a separate space in your office or work floor to set up an emergency room where you can have ample space to treat an injured person.

Along with that, you need to have a proper first-aid kit with all the tools and medicines required.

  • Build connections

All the while you need to be connected with your local ambulance provider and the nearest emergency room where after first aid, specialized care would be provided.

  • Inform all the employees about the guidelines

Your connections and instructions should be informed to every employee in the office and it’s better if you can paste posters containing guidelines.

  • Sit back and enjoy the privileges that come with your safe workplace.

Medical emergency preparedness is not optional, it’s essential and there are a lot of benefits a business gets by ensuring the safety of its employees. Still, we are unaware of most of the practices and guidelines we should follow, which can be fatal during accidents. At least after reading this article, we request you to consider safety as the priority. Stay safe.


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