Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

A person with new & rare blood group is found in Lok Samparn Raktdan laboratory, Surat, Gujarat. The person’s blood group doesn’t match with any other A, B, O, AB and also Bombay Blood Group or also called as HH Blood Group. The new blood group is named INRA; the first 2 letters represent India (IN) & the next two name of the person (RA).

The doctors are still doing research on the unique blood type so the person’s name has not yet disclosed.

INRA blood group is identified for the first time when the person visited for donating blood in Blood Camp. The blood sample was previously tested in the local labs and when they identified the blood group very different from the existing Blood groups, they sent it to the WHO(World Health Organization) for further testing. WHO has also confirmed the new rare blood group was found first time in India.

In medical terms, people with this rare blood groups are called as “Coltal”. The person with INRA Blood group can’t donate and can’t receive blood from people with any other blood groups. And there are only 7 people in the world whose blood samples are not matching with any other blood group. Doctors are conducting a blood test on donors relative to know its origin.

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India also had a history of one more rare blood group “Bombay blood group” discovered in the year 1952 by Dr. Y.M. Bhende. Bombay blood group persons are only one out of every 10000 people. To know more blood facts download Vmedo App.


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