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If you are looking for Patient Monitor Manufacturers, Brands and Suppliers in India, then you have come to the right place. Before diving into the list of manufacturers, brands, suppliers and the cost, let us understand the meaning of Patient Monitoring System. To know more details, call us at +917406000610 or mail us at

What is a Patient Monitoring System?

These are medical devices used by medical professionals for measurement, recording of vital parameters such as Pulse Rate, Heart’s Rhythm and Electrical Activity, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure (invasive and non-invasive), Body Temperature, Respiratory Rate etc. for continuous monitoring of the patient’s health.

The vital monitors are usually denoted as

  • PR: Pulse Rate
  • SPO2: Oxygen Saturation
  • ECG: Heart’s Rhythm and Electrical Activity
  • NIBP: Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • IBP: Invasive Blood Pressure
  • TEMP: Body Temperature
  • RESP: Respiratory Rate
  • ETCO2: End Tidal Carbon Dioxide

There are two kinds of patient monitoring system depending on the application:

  1. Bedside Patient Monitoring

These are used primarily in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and ambulances.

  1. Remote Patient Monitoring

These are used in the patient’s home or residence, primary healthcare centres.

What are the Types of Patient Monitors?

  1. 3 Parameter Patient Monitor

The vital parameters measured are PR, SPO2 and NIBP

  1. 5 Parameter Patient Monitor

The vital parameters measured are PR, SPO2, ECG,NIBP and TEMP

  1. Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

The vital parameters measured are based on the application and requirement and of the medical professional using it. The parameters that can be measured are PR, SPO2, ECG,NIBP, 2-TEMP, RESP, IBP, ETCO2.

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List of Patient Monitor Manufacturers in India

Patient Monitor Manufacturer
GE Healthcare
Philips Healthcare
Spacelabs Healthcare
Nihon Kohden
Ababil Healthcare
Akas Medical
Aelius Pharma

Note: There are even more manufacturers available in the market, which we might have not listed here.  

List of Patient Monitor Brands available in India

Patient Monitor BrandPatient Monitor Model/Make
 CARESCAPE B450/650/850 
PhilipsIntelliVue X3
 IntelliVue MP5
 IntelliVue MX40/100/400/450/500/550/700/750/800
 IntelliVue MMS X2
 IntelliVue AD75/85
 Efficia CM10/100
SchillerSOLUS 1S
 TRUSCOPE Ultra Q3/Q5/Q7
 TRUSCOPE touch mini
MindrayBeneVision N1/12/15/17/22/N19
BPLExcelSign E12/17
 EliteView EV8/10/12/15/100
 Vivid Vue 8/10/12
 Ultima Prime
 NeoSign N7/8
 Qube 91390
 Qube MINI 91389 
Nihon KohdenLife Scope G5
 Life Scope TR 
 Life Scope VS
 Life Scope PT
 Vismo PVM 2701/2703/4700
 SVM-7500/7600 series
Edanelite V8/V6/V5
ComenSTAR 8000E/F/H
 K12/15/18 pro 
AllengersLibra 10”/12”
 PM 30
RMSPhoebus P512/515/529
Akas MedicalTrio Max 3
 TRAZE 10/12A
 TRUSKAN S500/600
Aelius PharmaEME-56/60

What you should know before buying a Patient Monitor?

You will need to understand the technical and conditional aspects before buying a patient monitor.

Here is a list of the technical aspects you need to ensure

Patient Monitor Technical Checklist
Configuration (Vital Parameters Measured)
Display Size
Rhythm Analysis
Waveform Display
Battery Backup
Data Storage (Trend & Reviewing)
Optional Parameters and Configuration

Here is a list of conditional aspects you should check before buying

Patient Monitor Conditional Checklist
Warranty on the unit as whole and individual parts
Service Support / Free Services and Availability of Service in your location
Delivery and Installation Assistance
Availability of Standby 

Cost of Patient Monitor Available in India

The cost of a patient monitor depends on the manufacturer, brand, supplier and type.

The range of cost of patient monitors is Rs.11000/- to Rs.3,50,000/-

The cost of accessories are brand specific. The list of accessories are:

Patient Monitor Accessories 
Temperature Sensor
ECG Lead Cable
ECG Electrodes (Disposable)
SPO2 Probe (Digital/Nellcor/Masimo)
IBP Probe
SPO2 Probe

Where to buy a Patient Monitor in India at the best price? Who is the Patient Monitor Supplier in India?

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