When your loved one dies, the whole world around you stops. The mental and emotional agony that death brings to the deceased’s family members is inexplicable. The going gets tougher if the person has died in another country or state and you’re unaware of the procedure to bring them back to their final resting place.

You can take help form VMEDO to help you do this task for you. Call VMEDO Helpline 9343180000 for Dead body transportation by air in India and also for other countries.

Here is the detailed procedure to transport dead bodies by air inside India via domestic airplanes.  The procedure is the same for International Dead body transportation

1. Get Hospital clearance

  • You need to get a Death certificate issued from the hospital or the concerned doctor stating the cause of death. Here is the death certificate format for your reference
  • In case of post-mortem, you need to obtain disposal certificate
  1. Arrange for mortuary
  • Once the body is released from the hospital you can demand freezing at hospital mortuary or arrange for freezing in the nearby government or Private Mortuary
  1. Get Police NOC
  • You need to get the police clearance or NOC from police from the nearest police jurisdiction.
  • Police will issue a NOC understanding the circumstances.
  1. Get Embalming certificate
  • You need to arrange for Embalming service and get the certificate for the same
  • You should also arrange a coffin box and coffin box certificate.

You need to get both of these documents for Human remain clearance for Mortuary.

  1. Clearance from Embassy
  • This is only in case of International air transportation you need to get the clearance certificate from the concerned Embassy
  1. Arrange Documents for cargo clearance

Keep 10 copies of following documents handy for cargo clearance

  • Death certificate
  • Post-mortem copy
  • Police NOC
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin certificate
  • Photo and ID
  • Passport and Embassy clearance in case of an International patient
  • Contact details of the receiver in case of non-accompanied transport


  1. Book Mortuary ambulance
  • You need to book Mortuary ambulance to carry body form the Mortuary to Nearest airport for shipping
  1. Book cargo ticket
  • You need to report to the AWB section of Air cargo and produce all the documents.
  • Book for the Air cargo with or without accompaniment.
  • In case of shipping without accompanying, you need to give contact details of the receiver
  • In case of shipping with accompany you need to book air ticket for the same flight

The entire procedure takes a lot of time and patience to arrange documents in place. VMEDO can help you with an end to end transportation including all the documentation support. You can call VMEDO Helpline +91-9343180000 for more details and for service bookings.

The following are the documents required to transport dead body by plane
1. Death Certificate from the hospital.
2. NOC from the Local Police.
3. Embalming Certificate
4. Coffin Box certificate
5. Photo and ID card (Original Passport / Driving License/ Adhaar Card) issued by the respective Authority.
6. Contact details & address of the person who will receive the coffin at the destination.
7. No Objection certificate from the respective country’s consulate.

Note: All these documents should be in English with at least 6 photocopies of the same.

Each Document in detail:

Death Certificate:

If the person has died in a hospital, getting a death certificate is easy. But if the person has died at home or somewhere else other than a hospital, then you need to contact a nearby clinic or a nursing home. If the deceased has had a visiting doctor, even he can issue a death certificate.
If the death is sudden & natural, then you will need to provide the medical reports to the doctor mainly to show that it’s a natural death. Sometimes these things may become complicated.

No objection certificate (police clearance certificate):

After getting the death certificate you need to visit the nearby police station that comes under your jurisdiction and inform them about the need of police NOC (mainly to transport the dead body in a cargo flight).
They may ask several documents and questions related to the death, mainly to confirm that the death is natural and no crime is involved. They may visit the place of death if they find out that the death is not natural.

Embalming certificate:

After getting the police clearance certificate, the body is to be embalmed and packed in a coffin. Body Embalming is done mainly to avoid decomposition of the body by removing the body fluids and replacing them with chemicals. This is done in all the government hospitals and medical colleges.
Post-embalming, you can get the body to be washed and groomed according to your religious traditions. After all this, the body is packed and sealed in a coffin box. The coffin can be customized to your requirements. After the final inspection, the Coffin certificate is provided. Only then, it is possible to transport the dead body on a cargo plane.
Note: Always book the coffin as “Cargo”.
It is imperative for at least one to travel along with the cargo. So, it’s important to plan your flight bookings accordingly. Make sure that you have at least 8 hours in hand to finish all these formalities before boarding the flight. (Also, the airlines expect you to arrive at the airport 3 hrs prior to departure. So, plan wisely)
Your ordeal doesn’t end here, as you’ll have to wait at the airport, because the cargo takes forever to reach you. This excruciating process comes to an end when you produce the receipt to collect the coffin.

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The cost of transporting a dead body by plane includes the total weight of the body and the distance you have traveled.
Amidst all these doom and gloom, there are a few points in your favor.
1. Normally, all the airlines that have cargo services, transport dead body.
2. Most importantly, there are few firms that provide complete help during these traumatic conditions. VMEDO is one such firm that provides cost-effective dead body transportation services for domestic and international destinations- round the clock!
To know more about dead body transportation by plane contact VMEDO on 08067335555 or mail us at contact@vmedo.com.


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