Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Are you having a rough time with your partner snoring away to glory each night?

Are you one of the snorers who is having a tough time trying not to wake up your close ones?

Snoring basically means that the nasal cavity or the air pipe is obstructed and is interfering with your normal breathing during sleep. If there Is an impediment to the easy and natural flow of air, then there shall be a small vibrational sound due to this, which is the root cause of all this snoring.

If you have tried too many medicines and still not found success then there are a few ways to naturally combat this condition.

  • Changing your sleep posture:

If you are sleeping on your back, with an open mouth – then chances are that the relaxed position of the soft palate of your tongue is obstructing the natural flow of the air whilst sleeping. The best way to combat this is to change the position of your sleep, sleep to the side – roll over to the side and enjoy an amazing snore-less sleep.

  • Steam Inhalation or a hot bath before sleep:

A running nose or common cold may be aggravating the snoring issues that you may have, it is best if you could take a hot bath just before sleep, so that the warm water dilates the nasal cavities, ensuring that your sleep is free of impediments. The same can be achieved with the use of the steam inhaler which does a very similar job as mentioned above.  A clear passage for the air flow means not a hint of snoring.

  • Changing your pillows:

Changing your pillow may be the magic that you need to lighten up and make your snoring disappear. This is to ensure that the pillow is nice and fluffy, raising your head a little higher to ease the natural flow of air through to the lungs. It may be also recommended to make sure that you and your pet don’t sleep on the same bed; dust mites and pet hairs may be hampering the nasal cavity leading to this snoring habit.

  • Reduce weight and say no to alcohol :

Reduction in fat in and around the neck area can largely reduce the constriction in the flow of oxygen in our breath while sleeping. Although weight gain does not imply that snoring shall be an active side effect, but fat around the neck definitely makes a difference.

Also, alcohol consumption before sleep relaxes the muscles in the throat that are needed to stay stiff, to ensure a smooth and easy air flow. Saying no to alcohol at least 3-4 hours before bedtime is a very good habit.

Although most of us snore at some point of time or the other, snoring as a habit may be telling you of a health risk that needs attention. The loss of sleep and the resulting breathlessness while snoring can largely impact the chances of myocardial infarction or the heart attacks from occurring.

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It is best to seek medical help when the snoring has gotten an everyday ritual, it may be an early warning sign, you may not like to listen to snoring but you definitely would like to hear its early warning signs. In case you need emergency medical transport, you can contact VMEDO, to aid you.



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