You may be sitting your way to back pain – Research in the united states show that 80% of its population suffers from some sort of a back pain in their lifespan. With India too adopting a work culture that mimics the same, we may be headed to doctors to diagnose and treat our back pain in the near future.

Typically, the current lifestyle in most cities has moved into a sedentary one, one that involves little or no movement, we are stuck to our chairs and seats, whether it is the bus driver on the long route or the IT employee who works the eight-hour shifts. We have little or no exercise, we don’t even stroll to buy anything for the house, groceries, milk, and vegetables – there is an app for that.

Couch Potato / the overworked GYM enthusiast:

All the things are now at our fingertips, this is causing us to sit and become couch potatoes, our digestion cycles are hit, our bellies are growing- this excessive sitting at one place is adding to the pressure that we exert on our lower back – this increased stress can lead to a whole plethora of back problems.

But if do hit the gym, as well as this lifestyle prompts an over-exertion of the body to compensate for the food intake and the sedentary lifestyle, the body exercises maybe doing more harm than intended.

Emotional Distress and Anxiety:

The back pain that you are experiencing can be something that we have overlooked for some time, the constant dull ache that stays with you, or the sharp pang of pain that occurs once in a while, or the more chronic ones that make life miserable.  Emotional distress and anxiety could be causing the contraction of back muscles over an extended period of time, can be the root cause of root pain.

Food habits and bad posture:

We are what we consume, the present-day food consumption matrix does not show much promise since a lot of us prefer to go towards junk food when in comparison with the normal healthy diet. As we age, we need to be more careful of the diet we consume.

The advent of the mobile phones and live streaming has ensured that we sit in a variety of poses that are presently comfortable, but in the long run, are adding to the list of woes that alleviate your backache.

If this continues then we too shall be having back aches that may hamper our movements completely or limit them severely. But there are a few things that you could adapt to make this back-ache condition not affect you.

  • Maintain an exercise routine
  • Take breaks in office, get up and stretch a little; every 30 minutes
  • Stick to a healthy diet.
  • Maintain a stable posture.
  • Don’t self-medicate – Consult an expert if you are experiencing back pain.

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You are in charge of looking after your back, have a plan for your back – not a backup plan.

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