Are you looking to transport the dead body from one city to another city? Are you looking at an option to transport the dead body by flight? Here is what you should know about transporting a dead body by flight In India.


We at VMEDO understand what people go through during this situation. As a National level ambulance service provider we want to assist people during this tough time to help them ship the dead body by flight inside and outside Indian cities. If you want to get more details about this you can talk to our executive by calling our 24*7 ambulance helpline number +91-9343180000. You can also book ambulance services across India through VMEDO app and


When a person Is dead away from his hometown, His family member would want his diseased body to be shipped to his hometown for last rights. During which family member needs to do all the arrangements to get his loved one dead body to his hometown. Sometimes a corporate company or a manager need to arrange this transportation in case a diseased person is an employee on site. In case of domestic dead body transportation, people can always consider transporting a dead body by Road with the help of mortuary ambulance, dead body transportation by train. However, both of this will take much longer transportation time and also sometimes turn expensive in case of long-distance. Road transportation and train transportation are the best options when the transport distance is less.


When to consider dead body transportation by flight?  


  1. When a person is dead in different city or county and the dead body cannot be transported by road or train
  2. When the distance of transportation is very long and road transport will take long hours to reach the destination


If you are considering transporting dead body by flight you need to be aware of the procedure to transport, legal requirements and cargo booking procedures. Here are the detailed steps you need to follow when you are considering to transport the dead body by flight

Step by step procedure to transport the dead body by flight in India

  1. Get death certificate: Once the death is confirmed, get the death certificate issued from the treating doctor or hospital. If a person is diseased at home you need to get the death certificate issued from the local government doctor or Private Doctor in your contact. In case of early age death at home doctor might need to refer it for postmortem as a part of the medico-legal procedure.
  2. Arrange Mortuary: once you get death certificate issued, you can request hospital for mortuary facility to store the dead body. If the hospital does not have a mortuary facility, you can search for nearest private or government mortuary facilities
  3. Get police NOC : you need to get the NOC from the local police station. You need to carry Death certificate, valid ID card of a diseased person or postmortem report to get the police NOC.
  1. Get Embalming for the dead body: Body needs to be embalmed to avoid it from decomposition. You can get this from the hospital or private embalming centres in the city. Once the embalming is done you need to get the embalming certificate issued in the diseased person name
  2. Packing in coffin box: if you need to transport the dead body by flight, packing the dead body in the coffin box is very important to get air cargo permission.
  3. Transport to Air cargo: once you have packed the dead body in coffin box, then book the mortuary ambulance to transport the dead body to air cargo terminal of the nearest airport
  4. Book air cargo ticket: produce all the required documents at cargo section and get the ticket for the dead body with or without accompanying ticket
  5. Receive the dead body: Have the valid cargo ticket or ticket number to receive the dead body at the destination airport



What are the documents required for dead body cargo booking

To book cargo ticket for a dead body you need to have valid documents. Remember to carry at least 10 photocopies of all the documents

  1. Photo and ID card
  2. Death certificate
  3. Post mortem report ( only in case of post mortem )
  4. Police NOC
  5. Embalming certificate
  6. Coffin certificate
  7. Contact details of the receiver


Flights which accepts air cargo booking for dead bodies in India


Not every airline accept air cargo booking for dead bodies in India. Here is the list of airlines you need to consider

  1. Indigo airlines: the majority of the Indigo airlines flights accept dead body air cargo, you need to check with the indigo airline for booking and details. Check more details here
  2. Air India airlines: Air India accepts air cargo booking for the dead body for the majority of their flights. Check here for details
  3. Air Asia

There are many more airlines which accept air cargo booking, you need to check with cargo department of airlines before booking passenger ticket


How much does it cost for dead body transportation by flight


The cost for dead body transportation by flight depend on fallowing factor and might vary based on distance and situation

  1. Mortuary charges – Around 1000 INR for private mortuary per day
  2. Embalming service – Free at government hospital and costs around 3000 INR at private facilities
  3. Mortuary ambulance – Around 2000 INR for transportation distance up to 30Km. Beyond that, it may charge extra per kilometer
  4. Coffin box – cost around 2500 INR for basic coffin box and may charge up to 10000 INR depending upon the type of coffin box
  1. Air cargo booking – Typically it cost around 7000 INR for domestic and 15000 INR for the international, price may vary depending upon the cargo provider and distance of shipment
  2. Passenger ticker – As per the actual booking prices during cargo booking


If you are considering an agent or VMEDO to assist you throughout the process, it may cost you a little bit more. Generally, VMEDO charge around 20000 INR to 25000 INR for domestic dead body transportation and around 50000 INR for international dead body transportation by flight, prices might vary depending upon the distance of transportation, availability of mortuary ambulance, cargo charges and passenger ticket charges.


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