Imagine you are new here and you see someone who has met with a minor accident and it needs immediate medical attention that can help save them from further damage or save lives, you decide to help them be a good Samaritan but do not know where to look for a hospital nearby, or call an ambulance. It is a situation that must not come to anyone.

But wait, what if we told you that there exists an application online called VMEDO app, that can be downloaded via google play and helps you find the nearest hospital, gives you a quick access to ambulances and much more at just the click of a button.

The VMEDO application developed by the VMEDO team, a company is driven to provide easy and affordable medical transportation and wellness via their fleet of ambulances that they have partnered with.

The application that is compatible with all phones, has the major advantage of having a lot of information at the click of a button.

If you are a good Samaritan or have sustained an injury yourself – then it also provides you with first aid steps that need to be followed to make sure that the person who has sustained the accident suffers no further damage and is stable until the medical help arrives. It also gives you the information regarding the nearest hospitals in which the medical aid for the injury or accident can be best treated. The device shall use the location provided by the GPS to provide you with correct and accurate data and thus becomes a reliable and handy application that is a “must have” for all users.

The medical help too is accessible with a single click of the button, enabling you to have access to medical transportation via their fleet of ambulances all over India. Be it the advanced life support ambulances that can help you when a person is critical and needs to have immediate medical attention or a basic life support ambulance that can aid in the transportation of patients that need regular checkups for their ailments and are unable to commute via the normal modes of transportation.



VMEDO is the ideal partner for you, when you need to transport people from long distances to have access to medical health, when there is a need to help bed-to-bed transport of patients from one hospital to another or neo-natal ambulances that can aid in the interfacility safe transportation of babies that still need a NICU for surviving. VMEDO also has its wings in the areas of air ambulances that are used to transport people from one far off place to another.

VMEDO thus makes an ideal app to have on your phone, so that medical transportation facilities for a lot of medical conditions can be accessed in one place.

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The application helps in much more ways by also giving detailed first aid tips that we can use for others and at times when there is a generic injury, use it for ourselves before going to hospitals or nursing homes for further medical aid. First aid treatment for shocks, blood loss, allergies, and burns; snake bites and dog bites are few of the major first aid tips that are handy for all people at all times; because we never know when an accident can strike us.

VMEDO also firmly believes in the sacred act of blood donation and promotes the selfless act of donating blood. If you need blood and are unaware of the blood banks, get in touch with them and request them to tap into their network of blood donors to help find a match near you. If you are a blood donor, please do register in the app and provide VMEDO with a chance of contacting you in case they need you, or in case there are blood donation camps nearby.

VMEDO also provides generic health tips that can be used by all to maintain their health and also to make sure that they are medically aware of the things that are happening around them. VMEDO app acts as that perfect app that is needed by all of us, to be medically aware and stay alert, be ready and prepared in case there is an urgent need to help people in distress by being good Samaritans. Download the VMEDO app today and enjoy all these facilities at the touch of your fingertips and be an everyday hero.



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