Are you a calm person by nature and when enraged you blow the head off with rage and extreme anger?

Are you one of those people who have a consistently angry look on your face and take very little to take off and storm into an argument be it at a house or at work?

Minutes after you have calmed down, do you still see your heart racing with the speed of a formula truck driver, still clenching your teeth and fingers; well these symptoms of an angry outburst may not be good for you.

According to the study published in February by European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular care, there is an increased risk of heart-related ailments including the possibility of a heart attack even after two hours after a bout of intense anger. The increase in anger, naturally forces the body to react in such a situation that makes the body ready to fight, the flared nostrils causes a large intake of oxygen and the heart is on an overdrive to make sure that blood is reaching all parts of the body and quickly.

Although anger is very involuntary to a lot of us, we are unaware of the body mechanisms that take place in the body, these incidents cause a very high heart rate, heart palpitations, increase in the blood pressure and cause a huge stress on the blood vessels, at times triggering blood clots- these symptoms are associated with heart attacks.  These symptoms are related to heart ailments but anger does not directly cause heart attacks and cardiac arrests since the research could not give an exact cause and effect for the heart attack, but it cannot be underestimated in the larger scope of things.

In India, we are seeing an increase in the heart-related issues. And it is alarming that this increase is also due the food habits and the lifestyle of stress that seems to follow us everywhere we go. Staying calm in times of stress is an absolutely essential formula that you need to take into consideration.

Why take the risk? When you can mitigate these factors –

We have heard of incidents like road rage, snapping at people all of a sudden become more and more in the recent days. Maybe your anger is an off-shoot of a more underlying problem, if not for these increased risk of heart attacks, there is a warning signal that the body is trying to tell you, that something is wrong.

Stress at home or workplace is a trigger for most people these days, adding an extra pressure to the heart in its daily activities of pumping blood.

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Here are ways to Mitigate stress that can indirectly cause your anger flares

  • Conflict resolution can be made without using your voice and aggression, via peaceful means
  • Do yoga and breathing exercises
  • Meditation is the best medication
  • Consult a professional to look into the affairs of the mind, anger issues may be linked to depression. Depression is very real and should be treated with great care.

While it comes to an increased risk, anger flares are not healthy for you or the other people in and around you. Heart ailments such as heart palpitation, increased blood pressure are things that still require a lot of attention and are no less dangerous to one’s health.

If in case, you have heart conditions, stay away from these anger episodes, but if it does happen that you encounter a situation of an angry outburst/ anything that makes your heart condition weaken, please get in touch with VMEDO to avail emergency medical transportation to the nearest hospital.

Stay safe and stay calm, for more such medical tips, please download the VMEDO app on the google play store to get access to first aid techniques and other medically relevant information.



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