Benefits of Beer:

Anything done in moderation is always the right way forward. Be it eating, sleeping or even drinking beer. Yes, you heard it right.

Drinking beer in moderation can have a positive influence on your body. In various parts of the world, beer is a very common type of drink. The trend seems to be catching on in India too.

Beer, the magic potion is normally brewed by using malted barley/wheat along with hops, yeast, and water. The yeast breaks down the sugar content into waste products- Carbon dioxide and beer. Beer contains various vitamins and minerals and also a large number of calories and alcohol levels depending on the stage at which the yeast is introduced.

Now, coming to the point- how does consumption of beer – aid our health.

  1. Beer contains certain chemicals that act as blood thinners, thus helping in lowering inflammation in the body, which can reduce coronary diseases as well as heart attacks, strokes when in comparison with non-drinkers of beer.

  2. Since it contains a lot of fibers too, it can enhance one’s digestive capabilities. So, a moderate consumption can aid you to get a better appetite.

  3. It also aids in the increase of the good cholesterol in your body, reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

  4. The consumption of beer normally results in the release of the happy hormone called Dopamine; that is responsible for making one loosen up and be happier.

  5. With Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 available – beer is a healthy dosage of dietary consumption.

  6. Since a large amount of water is present, it lowers the risk of kidney stones in the body. If you drink beer it makes you want to take a leak most times- now you know why.

  7. A lot of research does point to the fact that, consumption of beer can prevent Alzheimer’s, breast cancer and symptoms of anxiety – but still a lot of research needs to be done in the same fields to authenticate these claims.

But beware, although the picture seems rosy, the disclaimer remains that “moderate consumption of beer “is good for health.

Although it is a benefit, care must be taken that pregnant women do not consume beer, during pregnancy and also in post-pregnancy care as well.

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A large consumption can lead to fat accumulation, largely seen in men as the beer belly. On the same scale- driving while under the influence of a large consumption of beer can lead to reduced motor reflexes and subsequent accidents.

Be careful and Don’t Drink and Drive. Be a responsible Drinker and leave early, while the drinking of beer is still at the moderately healthy threshold.


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