Death can strike at times when we least expect, the loss of a loved one can be very tough to handle emotionally and mentally. But there are certain procedures that need to be completed even when we are facing a loss.

At times we are faced with finding that our loved ones have died far away from their hometown and the body needs to be transported back home. Bearing the grief, making funeral arrangements take a toll on all of us. If the body has to be transported over long distances, it must be ensured that the body is preserved properly enroute this journey.

Embalming is the process of preserving the body by injection of a few chemicals that essentially help in slowing down the process of decomposition. These procedures are to be done by certified practitioners with the aid of preservatives and other chemicals. Embalming typically involves removal of the bodily fluids and replacing them with preservatives such as formaldehyde to slow down the decomposition process. Certain procedures are also involved in making sure that the body could be kept safely for public viewing and long-distance transportation.

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 If in case the burial or funeral rights are to be delayed and the body needs to be kept for a longer time for some dear one to have the last look of their beloved, it is necessary that embalming services are done. Even in cases such as drowning or accidents, embalming services need to be performed on the bodies of the dead so that the viewing of the body is made less traumatic for the members of the family.

In times when the whole family is mourning, these services tend to drain the morale of the family even more , VMEDO helps the family find some relief in helping you get in touch with registered practitioners of these embalming services who do the necessary procedures to make sure the bodies can be safely transported over long distances and also prepared to be viewed by the family or the general public via an open casket.



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