Indian cities especially New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata have a large immigrant population from Nepal, which is a very neighboring country & many of which choose their origin country upon death.

Each country has different regulations and requirements for both domestic & international dead body transportation. The cost of dead body transportation can vary depending on the client’s destination, requirements & the mode of transportation.

The different procedures for dead body transportation through air include document clearance, medical clearance, airport permissions, immigration and customs clearance that are required by the different consulates. These procedures may vary if the dead body transportation is by Road.
Here are the different documents that are required to transport dead body transportation by air from India to Nepal & Vice Versa.

Original passport/driving license/voter ID card of the deceased person.

Obtain a police NOC (No Objection Certificate).

The body should be embalmed and packed in coffin box in a sealed condition to preserve the body from decomposition. Obtain the embalming, coffin certificate from the respective mortuary or any Dead Body Transportation Service providers.

No objection from the Respective consulate.

Passport/driving license/voter ID card of the deceased person.

Death certificate from respective hospital or doctor which should contain the cause of death and it should be in a specific format.

Contact detail and address of consignee who will take the delivery.
All the above documents should be in English. Kindly ensure following documents are checked.

The Dead Body coffin box along with all the documentation has to be reported at least 4 hours before the actual departure of the flight. It may be necessary to keep at least 6-7 photocopies of the above documents & the whole process may take up to 30 min.

Many a time’s few airlines have specific procedures for dead body transportation which can be known only by contacting the airline that you want to transport. They provide you the list of their policies &regulations. But many of the times these procedures are better handled by “Dead Body Transportation Service Providers” such as VMEDO who can help you with dead body transportation procedures & suggest you the best & convenient way to transfer the dead body.

Dead Body Transportation by air is an expensive cost, so the other alternative is dead body transportation by Road. Road transportation is preferred mode only for shorter distance. This facility is available for only a few cities which are very close to India & Nepal border that include Lucknow, Patna, Meerut, Agra, Tulsipur, and Kathmandu.

Dead Body Transportation procedures from Nepal to India by Road

  1. Original passport/driving license/voter ID card of the deceased person.
  2. In case of post-mortem, obtain a post-mortem certificate.
  3. Death certificate from respective hospital or doctor which should contain the cause of death and it should be in a specific format.
  4. The body must be embalmed & placed in Freezer Box. Obtain embalming certificate from the respective mortuary.
  5. Obtain a police NOC (No Objection Certificate).
  6. All the documents should be in English.

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So, whenever you need to move a deceased family member or friend from India to Nepal or from Nepal to India for their final resting place, you can rely on VMEDO dead body transportation services, which can take care of complete process at most economical price & assist you in complete process on your behalf in an efficient and prompt manner.

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Various mortuary services include coffin box services, human remains washing services, dressing services on a request basis.

With just one call to VMEDO ambulance helpline number 08067335555, we assist in the end to end transportation services. We also assist you in arranging a direct cremation at the place of death, and then transportation of the ashes back to the family to their origin country.

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