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If you are looking for ECG Machine Manufacturers, Brands and Suppliers in India, then you have come to the right place. Before diving into the list of ECG machine manufacturers, brands, suppliers and the cost, let us understand the meaning of ECG. To know more details, call us at +917406000610 or mail us at

What is an ECG and Types of ECG?

ECG stands for Electrocardiogram which is used to monitor the heart rhythm. This is nothing but the graph which shows the voltage produced by the sinoatrial node cell over the heart muscles versus time. It consists of electrodes that are attached to the human body with sticky pads. As soon as the sinoatrial node releases the electrical shock to cardiac muscles, these electrodes will sense it and send it to the processor. In the processor, these signals are amplified for better understanding. The machine will study the contraction of cardiac muscles contraction with the sensed electrical shock. After studying these two parameters of the heart, the doctor can predict the situation of the heart.

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Figure 1. 12 Channel ECG Machine

Working principle of heart:

The heart is the muscular organ that pumps blood to different parts of the human body. It works in two parts. In the first half, the muscles relax and collect the blood from the left and right atrium to right and left Ventricles. In the second half sinoatrial node cell releases the electrical impulse through heart muscles via an electrical conduction system causing them to contract and pump blood out. 

anatomy of human heart
Figure 2. Anatomy Of Human Heart

Depolarisation of cardiac muscles during this cycle is called sinus rhythm or cardiac rhythm. The schematic representation of sinus rhythm is as shown in the below figure.

PQRST ecg wave
Figure 3. Sinus Rhythm Graph

As we can see in the sinus rhythm graph, it consists of the P wave, QRS wave, and T wave. The P wave represents the depolarization of atria (in which blood is pushed from the atrium to ventricles). And QRS represents the depolarisation of ventricles (Blood pushed to the aorta and pulmonary veins). And the T wave represents the repolarization of ventricles. 

Working principle of ECG machine:

ECG or electrocardiogram is medical equipment that helps to detect any abnormalities of the heart by measuring the electrical activities which cause the cardiac muscles to contract. The device that records the sinoatrial rhythm of the heart of the patient in a well-scaled graph is called an Electrocardiogram. 

The ECG machine consists of 12-lead electrodes. These electrodes are attached to different parts of the human body. 10 out of 12 electrodes are placed on the patient’s limbs and the surface of the chest. The overall magnitude of the electrical impulse of heart muscles is measured in 12 different angles and they are recorded over a period of time (it is usually ten seconds). 

As the heart muscle goes into depolarisation the electrodes which are attached to the body or chest sense the electrical voltage. Usually, the sensed electrical voltage will be in a few millivolts. Thus sensed electrical voltage is amplified with the help of an amplifier and recorded over the monitor or the graph.  

The healthy heart ECG has a particular shape. Any change in heart rate or damage to the heart muscles can alter the electrical activity of the heart so that the shape of the electrocardiogram changes. The altered shape is studied by the doctors to find a better solution to treat the patient’s heart.

ECG is used mainly for the below-mentioned symptoms

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Faint
  • Chest pain
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat

Note: ECG is also referred to as EKG

These ECG machines consist of electrodes, sticky pads, monitors, and power sources. Depending on the type of test is conducted on the patient; ECG machines are classified as below.

Resting ECG test: The patient will be lied down during this test. No movements are allowed to the person who is being tested. And generally, this test will be conducted for 5 to 10 minutes.

Ambulatory ECG test: In this type of test, the patent will be attached to a wearable ECG machine. And this machine will store the heart rhythm data for more than 24 hours. After that doctor will examine the data to understand the situation of the heart and the type of treatment that needs to be given to the patient.

Exercise stress test: During this test, the patient will be made to run on a treadmill or cycle. While the patient is in running condition, Breathing and blood pressure are monitored along with the electrical activity of the human heart. By analyzing the heart rhythm during different breathing and blood pressure, a doctor will understand the situation of the heart.

Difference types of ECG Machines. Why and which one should you choose?

As we all know, the ECG machine senses and collects the electrical signal from the heart muscle and converts it into a waveform to represent it as a cardiogram. According to the number of these waveforms collected, amplified, and printed over the monitors, the ECG machine can be classified as below

  1. Single-channel ECG machine: It’s a basic model of ECG machine which prints a single ECG waveform or channel at a time. Thus all the other 12 channels will be printed one by one on the paper or monitor by switching to the desired connection. However, nowadays single-channel ECG machines are coming with the microprocessor and with automatic mode
  2. 3 channel ECG machine: As the name itself implies, 3 Channel ECG machines print 3 waveforms at a time. It also uses the microprocessor to amplify the selected 3 channels out of 12 and send them to a multiplexer. This multiplexer converts the analog signal into digital and stores then sends it to a digital-analog converter to display it over the screen. As there are 12 channels and 3 channels can be printed at a time, there are 4 sections to select all channels in this ECG machine.
  3. 6 channel ECG machine: It has the 6 channel multiplexer thus can print 6 waveforms simultaneously. So 12 waveforms can be printed in just 2 slots of paper. And as the 6 waveforms are printed simultaneously the length of the report will be less and the width will be large.
  4. 12 channel ECG machine: As the name indicates it can print 12 waveforms simultaneously. 12 channel ECG can print in 6×2 and 3×4 formats. so it is also called a multichannel ECG machine. Most of the 12 Channel ECG Machines are known to print ECG reports on A4 size paper. and Report is wide and less in length. so is easy for Doctors to analyze and compare the ECG waveform. 12 Channel ECG machine use 210mm to 216mm wide paper

Application of ECG Channel Machine

ECG electrodes are positioned in fixed locations on particular areas of the body so that various images of the electrical activity of the heart can be reliably captured and repeated across records.

Some of them are:

  • Check your heart rate
  • See if you have weak blood flow to the heart muscle (this is called ischemia)
  • Diagnose a Heart Attack
  • Check for abnormal things like thickened heart muscle
  • Detect if there are significant abnormalities in the electrolyte such as high or low calcium potassium.
  • If clogged or narrowed arteries in your heart (coronary artery disease) are causing chest pain or heart attack
  • Structural Problems With Your Heart’s Chambers
  • A previous heart attack
  • To what extent are ongoing heart disease treatments, such as a pacemaker.

Who are the Manufacturers of ECG Machines and Which are the Models available in India?

From the last couple of years, the health care sector is developing very aggressively. Mainly after the COVID pandemic. Which in turn increases the requirement of the ECG machines in health care centers. As there is more demand we can see a lot of manufactures for ECG machines. Below we have listed a few top ECG manufacturers in India for your reference  

Some of the top manufacturers for ECG machines in India are as follow:

BPL ECG MachineBPL Cardiart Genx3
BPL Cardiart 6208 View
BPL Cardiart 9108
BPL Cardiart 9108 D
Philips ECG MachinePhilips PageWriterTC10
Philips PageWriterTC30
Philips PageWriterTC50
Contec ECG MachineContec ECG 300 G
Contec ECG 600 G
Contec ECG 1200 G
Comen ECG MachineComen CM 300
Comen CM 1200A
Tricog ECG MachineVCardia

Are all the brands of ECG Machines available in India?

Yes, almost all brands and kinds of ECG machines are available in India. If you are looking for any specific type of ECG machine, you can contact us at +91-7406000610 anytime. 

What one should know before buying an ECG Machine?

You can find all types of ECG machines in the market. But while buying an ECG machine, do a little bit of research on the maker. Does it fit your requirements or not? Does the manufacturer provide service in case of repair? How well do they treat their customers? How well can you find the spare parts of the ECG machine of that brand?

Even check for better standby options, delivery time, and what are all the installation procedures for that specific ECG machine. 

If this all is okay then only buy the product. Here we at VMEDO sell all kinds of ECG machines.

If you have any other requirements contact us anytime on +91-7406000610

What is the cost of ECG Machines available in India?

These ECG machines are available in so many types, hence it is hard to tell the exact price for the ECG machine. But, to give you a general idea, prices will start from 45,000 INR and go up to 1,50,000 INR. For more information on the pricing and product give us a call at +91-7406000610.

Suppliers of ECG Machines in India

If you are looking for a reliable supplier who you can trust throughout your buying process for defibrillators and defibrillator accessories of all manufacturers and brands, look no other way and contact VMEDO Store now. We are currently serving across all cities of India and mainly in Karnataka around the below-listed cities.

  1. Bengaluru
  2. Delhi
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  8. Shivamogga (Shimoga)
  9. Davangere
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  17. Uttara Kannada

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