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VMEDO along with Bengaluru Traffic Police conducts a “Give way to Ambulance to save lives” campaign

In December 2021 and January 2022, VMEDO organized a campaign in association with Bengaluru Traffic Police to create awareness about how giving way to ambulances in traffic jams can save valuable lives in Bengaluru.

The campaign was two-pronged. In one part of the campaign, the traffic police personnel of Bengaluru were to be trained in first aid and CPR skills, and the other part of the campaign involved creating awareness at various traffic signals of the city.

How big is the problem?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport & highways, in 2019, India lost approximately 1,50,000+ lives due to road accidents (Around 17 lives lost every hour). About 30% of these deaths are attributed to ambulances delays. Many such deaths occurred when ambulances were stuck in traffic jams.

VMEDO believes that with the right messaging and training, the aforementioned numbers can be brought down.

Traffic Police, the first responders.

Usually, on the roads, when a medical emergency happens, apart from the general public, it is the traffic policemen who are available to respond to the emergency. We have seen videos of a traffic policeman from Telangana saving the life of a person by performing CPR. Hence, VMEDO took it upon themselves to train the brave traffic policemen of the Bengaluru Traffic Police department.

On 18th December 2021, at the Traffic Management Centre on Infantry Road in Bengaluru, VMEDO conducted first aid and CPR awareness program for more than 100 traffic police personnel.

The enthusiastic policemen learned how to handle situations like road accidents, cardiac arrests, snake bites, epilepsy, etc., from Mr. Shashikumara, who heads the VMEDO Academy department at VMEDO. Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Dr. B R Ravikanthe Gowda graced the occasion as the chief guest. Laying out the importance of first aid in saving lives, he asked his colleagues to take initiative and share their knowledge by training their fellow colleagues at their respective traffic police stations. ACP – Planning & traffic, Ms. Shashikala who was also present during the event motivated her colleagues to save more lives.

Dr. B R Ravikanthe Gowda (Centre), Ms. Shashikala (Extreme Right), Mr. Darshan M K (Extreme Left, Co-founder, VMEDO), Mr. Shashikumara H S (Second from left, Head, VMEDO Academy), Mr. Akhilesh Deshpande (Second from Right, Head, Marketing, VMEDO)

Give Way to Ambulance Campaign

We have seen in so many instances where an ambulance carrying a patient is stuck in a traffic jam. In cities like Bengaluru, which is notoriously infamous for its traffic jams, ambulances lose around 2-3 valuable minutes. In the crucial first hour, also known as the Golden Hour, if the medical emergency is not attended to, there is a huge risk for the victim’s life.

Many people who are stuck in a traffic jam along with an ambulance do not know how to react to such a situation. As a result, people start honking continuously and make the traffic signal a nightmare for most.

What should one do to give way to an ambulance in a traffic jam?

The solution is quite simple.

Step 1: Stop blowing horn continuously

Step 2: Slow down your vehicle

Step 3: Based on where your vehicle is on the road, park it on the left or the right side.

Step 4: If you are unable to find space and are stuck in the center of the road, you can jump the red light and make way for the ambulance. Do not worry, you won’t be penalized for doing so.

Image of the pamphlet shared with bystanders during the campaign

A successful campaign

Starting on 20th December 2021 till 10th January 2022, VMEDO conducted the “GIVE WAY, SAVE LIFE” campaign at various traffic signals like the Silk Board Junction, Hebbal Flyover, Corporation Circle, Mekhri Circle, etc., and reached more than 25,000 people with their informative flyers (As in the image above).

VMEDO team distributing flyers to the public.

The whole team of VMEDO led by its CEO, Mr. Praveen Gowda, COO, Mr. Darshan M K, would like to wholeheartedly thank the Bengaluru Traffic Police department for proactively associating with VMEDO and for playing a crucial part in their mission to save more lives.

VMEDO humbly appeals to the public – “GIVE WAY. SAVE LIFE.”

In case of any medical emergencies, please contact VMEDO Ambulance on their 24×7 helpline number 9343180000. To learn first aid and get certified, contact VMEDO Academy on 6364904226

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