Electric Crematoriums in Bangalore

Electric Crematoriums in Bangalore|Get the locations here

Electric Crematoriums/cremations are so hassle-free process now.

BBMP is offering Crematoriums around the city with their online booking of the slots to even avoid the waiting time of the deceased family with minimum documentation.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a final disposition of the deceased through burning.

What is an Electric Cremation? 

Here the process of the cremation is taken place in a chamber where no wood is used and with zero gas emissions and the deceased is put under an enormous amount of heat energy enough to turn the deceased into ashes (high temperatures of 800°C-1000°C.) which is then disposed in the holy river or their desired places by their relatives.  

Electric Crematoriums in Bangalore

List of major Electric Crematoriums in Bnagalore

Wilson Gardenhttps://goo.gl/maps/eoVb25z5cnuMyRo77
Harishchandra Ghathttps://goo.gl/maps/pLRsYv8f89rirxPS6
Chira Shanti Dham – Hebbalhttps://goo.gl/maps/Xzmcifdv9ktFRvjG9
Punya Dhamahttps://goo.gl/maps/asoNkHKYQyxwQ9iP8

Here’s the Checklist for you to refer to when someone passes away

Why Electric Crematorium?

Traditional pyre requires about 500-600kgs of firewood which is being eliminated by the process of Electric crematorium.

2-3 liters of kerosene which shall ignite the fire shall also be saved.

Some of them prefer ghee, again which can be used for cooking.

300-400 cow dung cakes per body.

Which adds up to 2000-3000 rupees in total.

On the other hand, Electric funerals cost is comparatively less in every way possible.

Relatives get to take the mortal remains (ashes) within hours which traditionally takes about 24 hours.

Most Economical way of the cremation.

Doesn’t emit any kind of gases which is safe for our environment.

Lower carbon emissions lower effect on global warming.

And the advantages go on…

Which is better Electric Crematoriums or Burying

The possible questions about Electric Crematoriums revolving in your head right now:

  1. Why not bury them?
  2. How can Burning be better than burying them?

Read this detailed article to know which one is better:


We here at VMEDO serve different services, we thought you might like checking them out!

To sum it up Electric Crematoriums are way better than any other existing way as of now.

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