first aid training as per factories act 1948

First aid training as per Factory act 1948

Factory act 1948 is a set of provisions provided by the Indian constitution for safeguarding the rights of employees in the workplace. The provisions provided range from work time to health and safety rules. First aid is an integral part of the safety management of any organization, and it has provisions in the Factory act. This article is about everything related to First aid training as per factory act 1948.

What does the Factory act 1948 say about health and safety?

Safety of the employees in the workplace is one of the biggest sections of the Factory act 1948. Various safety provisions are provided based on the type of industry and type of work. Every workplace which has 1000+people or where bodily injury is a possibility, need to employ a safety manager.

Health is also a vastly discussed topic. Every possible process and equipment in an organization should not pose any threat to the employee’s health. Employers should also be prepared to face any medical emergencies and have provisions for such.

Safety audits and Factory act 1948?

The routine safety audits conducted in any organization are largely based on the provisions of the Factory act. Every safety auditor must make sure the conditions in the factory act are met.

Why safety audits require First aid training?

As per the Factory act, Employers should also be prepared to face any medical emergencies and have provisions for such. One of the most important provisions for emergency preparedness is training your employees in first aid. So every successful safety audit requires training employees in first aid.

What are the provisions for first aid as per the factory act of 1948?

According to Article 111A of the factory act, “Every worker shall have the right to get trained within the factory or get sponsored by the factory to train, where training imparted for worker’s health and safety.

According to Article 45 of the Factory act, every factory must have an accessible and fully equipped first aid boxes. When the size of the company is more than 500, they need to have an Ambulance room setup with provisions for nurse and an ambulance inside the facility.

How do I train my employees in First aid as per the factory act of 1948?

You have to train your employees inside your facility to get organizational first aid certificate. The training provided must be in line with the guidelines provided by OSHAS. You can train your employees in a group of maximum of 30 people.

Along with organizational certificate, every employee needs to be individually certified by the trainer. Hands-on training is a must to obtain first aid certificate. Virtual trainings are not valid.

From where should I get first aid training?

According to Factory act 1948, every organization is free to take training from anyone or any organization with required knowledge and credibility.

Some state governments have set up parameter to identify someone as a credible first aid training provider.

There are no specific organizations to take training from; anyone who is certified in BLS, ALS, or Medicine and has experience can train people in first aid.

What should be taught in First aid training as per factory act 1948?

Factory act doesn’t specify the course content for first aid training. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  on the other hand has guidelines for first aid training so always make sure your training is as per OSHA.

According to OSHA, First aid training must include

  • Assessing Casualty and CPR
  • Handling Minor and Major Injuries (Ex, Cuts, and Fractures)
  • Medical Conditions (Ex, Heart attack and Stroke)
  • Environmental conditions (Ex. Hypothermia)

What kind of first aid training do my employees need?

First workshops range from BLS (Basic Life support), ALS (Advanced life support), and First responder programs. The kind of programs you need will depend on the environment you’re working in.

If you’re working in an environment where injuries are quite common and frequent, you will need a much advanced training. You might not need such training for an office in IT Sector.

What happens if I don’t train my employees in First aid?

Today every safety audit requires a first aid training certificate and Ambulance room. You will run into legal troubles if any accident occurs inside your facility.  First aid knowledge improves your employees’ ability to respond during emergencies, therefore, saves the company a lot of time and money.

First aid training is something that shouldn’t be done just for the statutory reasons; it’s much more than that. First aid is a human skill that everyone should know. It literally saves lives during emergencies and nothing ever comes closer to saving someone’s life. There are instances when after 40 Minutes of CPR people have come back to life.


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first aid training as per factory act 1948

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