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Why do Health and Safety Audits need First Aid Training Certification in India?

First Aid Training Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Audit in corporates is one of the most required and least emphasized upon in the world these days, as there is no specified/deemed university or an institution for First aid training courses for Health and Safety Audit.

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What is First Aid Training for Health and Safety?

It’s training where he/she is certified to take the necessary actions in their own hands ‘In a case of a minor injury which would otherwise receive no treatment or which doesn’t need treatment by a registered medical practitioner or registered general nurse, treatment of that minor injury’

About preserving life, the “Chain of Survival Concept” is recognized. This is supported by 4 vital links to save lots of life;

  1. Early defibrillation
  2. Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  3. Early access
  4. Early advanced care

For example, where an employee has collapsed with severe pain or is bleeding severely, urgent care, to preserve life, or prevent further serious injury, is required until a nurse, doctor, or another person, such as a trained emergency medical technician, can take over the situation.

This First Aid Training is not only useful to treat some emergencies, they even save lives. Being this mentioned, now you can realize that how much is this aspect important not only at workplaces but everywhere!

At the other end, first aid might simply mean the provision of an adhesive plaster for a minor cut to prevent infection and to aid healing.

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Why First Aid in the Workplace is important for Health and Safety?

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007, Part 7, Chapter 2, ‘First Aid’ speaks about the first aid required to be fulfilled at Work. Which even speaks about, including first aid rooms at the workplace.

Even when there’s no nurse or a doctor or even medical technician, you should be able to take the things in your hands for that you need to ensure that the victim is in safe hands, you need to be certified First Aider first!

There are numerous other reasons why first aid in the workplace.

Need for First Aid

Corporate safety is important, as the employee’s and even the employer’s safety and occupational health are important for effective and efficient output in the organization.

If the health of even an employee takes a dip then there’s so much that holds back on. Clearly, the employer can’t choose to run the organization that way by losing the efficiency which doesn’t affect immediately, but gradually the effective results would definitely take a toll.

This is why we should implement certain measures that don’t allow this to happen in an organization, which includes first aid training as a part of establishing occupational safety and organizational health.

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Employer’s duties on First Aid in the Workplace

Essentially, contacts with external services are must!

  1. Occupational first aiders are required to be trained and authorized as competent a minimum of once every 2 years by a registered occupational care Training Provider.
  2. To provide first-aid materials/equipment in the least places of labor where working conditions require it.
  3. Depending on the dimensions and/or specific hazards of the workplace, trained occupational first aiders must even be provided.
  4. First aid rooms must be provided where appropriate in anywhere of labor where the dimensions of the premises, the sort of the activity being administered and therefore the frequency of accidents so dictate.
  5. Necessary arrangements according to the medical emergencies have to be made with external doctors who are available in the case of severe emergencies. 

We know it because we do it. It is as simple as it is.

So now you can contact us for First aid kits, first aid/emergency room set-ups, first aid training certifications, and anything and everything related to it.

First Aid Certificate For ISO Accreditation In India

Advantages from First Aid training in your Workplace

  1. Faster response during an emergency.

2. First Aiders can save lives.

3. Every employee can gain the knowledge to use First aid kits appropriately.

4. Your company members will be having a safer environment to work.

5. It’s a great team-building exercise

6. First Aid Training is not merely for educated, anybody can gain the necessary knowledge with legible training.

From whom to obtain the First Aid Training for Health and Safety Audit?

As stated by OSHA Guidelines: “OSHA doesn’t teach first-aid courses or certify first-aid training courses for instructors or trainees. And first-aid courses should be individualized to the needs of the workplace with customizations of necessary”.

However, According to the Indian Factories Act 1948, Section 45

It calls a first aid trainer as the one [“who holds a certificate in first-aid treatment recognized by the State Government” and who shall always be readily available during the working hours of the factory].

Section 111A (ii) in The Factories Act, 1948

(ii) “Get trained within the factory wherever possible, or, to urge himself sponsored by the occupier for getting trained at a training center or institute, duly approved by the Chief Inspector, where training is imparted for workers’ health and safety at work”.

So, there’s no accurately defined institution or an organization that is deemed to provide first-aid training courses.

We believe that we’re offering you this resourceful information that is true to the best of our knowledge and opportunity at the same time and same place where you can decide where to get training from without any ambiguities.

How to get First Aid Training for your Organization? (First Aid Training Certification for Health and Safety Audit in India)

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