Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
Book air ambulance in india

He got a call that his father had met with an accident during a pilgrimage and broken his leg. He was in another town that day. He had no clue as to what to do, but then “bed to bed” services from VMEDO helped him to book an air ambulance and make the inter-facility transportation happen.

 Evacuation of critically ill or stable patients that are in need of medical care or procedures can be done with air ambulances. Air ambulances are typically wherein the patient is flown from one location to another with the experienced medical staff and all the advanced life support equipment available in the flight itself. The air-ambulance functions as a fully functional ambulance with stretcher support to make sure that the patient is stable and their medical supplies are on hand in case it is required.

A more popular term in use is the “bed to bed” service wherein the patient is transported from one facility to the air terminal via ground ambulances and then flown to another location and similarly transported back to another facility after touch down.


The air ambulance services can come in very handy for people who are typically having a head or spinal injuries or elderly or physically challenged people who need to undergo medical procedures in different parts of the country or abroad.

VMEDO helps you in such transfers via air ambulance, by aiding you to get tickets for the patient at short notice emergency situations and the bed to bed ground ambulance services or even in times when the medical procedure timeline; and also making sure that trained medical staff is ever present during the flight. At times one or more family members are also allowed to travel along with the patient.

Long distance transportation of patients is made easy through air ambulances, ground ambulances that are equipped with advanced life support equipment, making inter-facility transport a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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